July 12, 2024

Trap and Drill artist, Lazarus BFTD is from Toronto, but raised in Atlanta. He has released a series of popular singles, including “Don’t Come On My Blocc”, “Tag”, and “Holy Shii”. His latest project is the single “Bagckadit”, which dropped officially on 07/15/22. The song leans into crisp, soulful sound to craft a mellow, smoked-out groove for the emcee. Surrounded by this shimmering pool of sonic goodness, Lazarus BFTD’s ear sharpened, allowing him to shine with earnest verses and memorable choruses. He floats on the track, effortlessly throwing together an incredible hook.

Making a name for yourself in an industry moving at the speed of light is no easy feat. It takes dedication, commitment and a whole lot of drive. It also helps to be extremely talented at what you do. Fortunately, Lazarus BFTD is all of the above. He has been making a name for himself with bars that are as slick as they are hefty, along intoxicating melodies. All of which are smartly present on “Bagckadit”.

The smooth head-nodding beat constructs a gilded path, one that Lazarus BFTD toes down, igniting the way with vivid imagery-building verses immersing us in his world. It’s this skill that significantly benefits the song, as it’s Lazarus BFTD’s fluid rhyming touch that radiates throughout “Bagckadit”. He often brings an urgency with his flow, each bar breaking with the snap of his voice. It’s effortless but relentless, ensuring you pay attention.

Those personal touches are truly where “Bagckadit” shines. Lazarus BFTD sounds most comfortable over this bubbling, drifty production, rapping in a captivating cadence designed to entice the audience into repeated listens. It’s a deceptively dense style, very much emphasizing texture and vibe as a first impression. Lazarus BFTD’s rapping chops are formidable and fascinating, creating a mesmeric mood.

With every new bit of new music Lazarus BFTD issues, it becomes an excellent demonstration of his strengths. His stream-of-consciousness flow propels ahead hypnotically on “Bagckadit”, picking up thoughts and rhyme patterns along the way.  He is rhythmically unshakable, finding a groove and effortlessly remaining there, showing his ability to immediately get to a particular cruising altitude, and stay locked in.

“Bagckadit” is as trippy as it is contemplative proving Lazarus BFTD to be one of the most interesting new voices in underground rap. The razor sharp lyrics from Lazarus BFTD cut through the comfortable groove of “Bagckadit” like a double-edged sword wielded by a skilled and focused hip-hop warrior. Every verse he delivers on the track has an air of effortlessness, but never complacency.

Lazarus BFTD is establishing himself enough to be making an impact. He is honing his deftly skills to be close on unstoppable, and “Bagckadit” is another step towards that conquest. The track attests to not only Lazarus BFTD’s current potential but also where he can go next. If you haven’t heard Lazarus BFTD before, then “Bagckadit” is going to be a fantastic introduction because it showcases the very best of his skills.

Streams: https://www.flowcode.com/page/lazarus_bftd
Social Media: Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat/Tik Tok: @Lazarus_bftd

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