May 25, 2024

Born in Miami, FL and translocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2007, Christian Raymond Saunders better known as R3ymond, is an American singer-songwriter who began singing at the age of 4 years old. His sultry voice carries his rhythm into your ears, reverberates through you and leaves you wanting more. An artist true to his sound, R3ymond has always stuck to what he did best, which is boundless creativity. With every project, he has developed his art either in his sound, songwriting or performance style.

R3ymond digs deep into R&B and Soul favors and knows how to dominate hip-hop’s trends. His high-rising croon demands attention, but he is able to throw down pristine bars in a sequence of rhymes when he needs to.

R3ymond’s pursuit of originality continues on “Top Down”, which rides on a bass-booming mid-tempo beat, as he gallops across a blend of modern R&B and new wave of hip-hop.  His delivery is mellifluous but urgent. His tone and timbre skitters kinetically as he stretches his vocal register in different directions. Showing why he should be one of the artists mentioned at the forefront of the underground alternative movement.

“Top Down”, is stylistically, both a step away, and a step forward, from R3ymond’s previous singles, “Me and You”, “Care Of You” and “CHACHA”. This latest single promises to be met with a higher concentration of critical acclaim. This is due to the excellent crooning and silky smoothness of his voice, the track’s rhythmic momentum, the relatable lyrics, and the sweet all-round sound of the head-popping groove.

Words, when sung by the Atlanta, Georgia native, simply sound better. And when he sings of passion, and adds in the feel-good vibe of “Top Down”, the music has the potential to leave listeners in a puddle of emotions. He does it all smoothly, singing with a penetrating tenderness as if his words are aimed to soak into your soul, and not just into your eardrums.

R&B music has hit it a fair share of bumps over the years, losing much of its momentum along the way.  Regardless, the genre has still managed to have its fair share of bright spots, thanks to artists like R3ymond who bring refreshing flavors to the genre. He still retains an approach idiomatic of classic R&B, while dipping into hip-hop’s most suitable formulas and crossing lines freely.

This particular project gives all music lovers a truly creative and well-rounded single, one with many memorable moments. Lovely vocals, soulful, lush production, well-rounded songwriting, and the vibe is killer. One thing is certain – R3ymond is a truly special, eclectic and talented musician with his own singular vision of his craft. Artistically, he always displays the utmost potential, never missing the mark.

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