June 20, 2024

When the single, ‘Have You Ever’, from Meres first surfaced on our radar, his effortless blend of a new wave R&B voice and an affinity for the modern, electro, hip-hop and pop nuance folded into his production, brought something fresh to the explosion of this very much alive sound. It proves that the crossover renaissance seems to be reaching every corner of the globe. The young vocalist and songwriter who calls South London in the UK, home,  boasts a sound as universal as any other from this generation of new wave musical dynamos. Things took a serious turn for Meres, when he started collaborating with producer FunkshyBeats a little over a year ago. The two have been working towards the forthcoming album, entitled ‘Psychology’, and have just dropped ‘More and More’, the 6th single from that project.

It’s obvious that, growing up, Meres took his influences from iconic performers who have style and panache as well as charismatic voices to match, because the impact of such artists can be felt in his performance on ‘More and More’.

The project is breezy, emotional and sweeping, with Meres’ craftsmanship rooted firmly in his elevated self-assurance and style. There’s just something about his overarching auditory aesthetic that lends itself to deeper inner-reflection.

The ultra-fashionable display of the singer-songwriter’s uncompromising drive to be the whole package carries the weight of an artist much more established and experienced than he should be at this stage of his career. The song sees Meres embrace a more harmonically intricate and structurally complex approach, while the chill ambient keys and throbbing hip-hop percussion lay down the perfect foundation for Meres’ soaring vocals.

FunkshyBeats has found a way to smartly blend keyboard-laden electronic production, the heavy bass and drums of hip-hop, and the timelessness of crystalline R&B, mixed with catchy pop.

The minute Meres voice enters into the frame it becomes central to the arrangement, making ‘More and More’ an immediate standout track. An anthemic, yet mellow jam that transcends it’s genre blend, towards a larger pop sphere by way of its seamless, floaty production and repeatable chorus.

‘More and More’ is gorgeously produced, elevated by an intoxicating rhythmic bounce and complex chord progressions that make this sound so challenging and inviting for a talented voice like Meres. “It’s a hard feeling, trying to build your trust. You really want to do it, but you got this funny feeling in your gut. And you think she’s the one, and she can have your son, but really she just trying to have her fun,” sings Meres as he unfolds the narrative filled with doubt and expectation.

From the young generation of emerging names, Meres is one that should be known. The vocally confident, emotionally resonant artist will soon be on the rise. The latest addition to his growing catalog of songs, ‘More and More’ will connect to his listeners just as he has done before, through his focus on honesty, vulnerability, and ultimate relatability, all the while still keeping very much in the foreground his noteworthy skills.

‘More and More’ signals yet another progression of Meres’ artistic pillars – emotion and introspection, which coalesce perfectly with one another, and with a more mature edge. It submerges the listener in the dynamic and thematic aura of what is also his most soul-searching and sonically successful musical exploration to date.

Connect with Meres and his music: https://www.nrrmusic.com/meres

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