May 21, 2024

St. Louis Rapper Don Killam brings us his brand new hip-hop banger “We Made It”, produced by, and featuring, Former So So Def artist, Fresco Kane. The project perfectly bridges between the classic and the experimental, coming together into a wonderful and soulful blend of the most intriguing aspects of the genre’s latest works. Don Killam is one of the most interesting artists of this new generation of rappers. At every angle, he changes direction. He can make absolute window-shattering hip-hop bangers, then turn around and do something completely different. That’s the absolute impression Don Killam gives us on this single, which is loaded with all the necessary bells and whistles to make it an earworm.

“We Made It” is the track that could push Don Killam into the limelight, and you can hear its power from the very first bar. Though smooth and vibey, it smacks hard with the rappers voice ringing loud and confident. “Know that if I send the word that means my voice is in the streets. Circled every seven got these lames feelin’ weak,” spits Don Killam, as he unravels his narrative. This is a project that serves as a perfect introduction to an artist who is designed to blow up.

Don Killam clearly uses features extremely strategically, only adding someone when they bring something special to the track. That may seem like an odd statement considering that most artists today credit features on their tracks, but it doesn’t feels like he is throwing someone onto this song because he needs to fill space. Fresco Kane is an important part of this production from the foundation upward.

Having said that, the entire song centers around Don Killam. He creates a beautiful energy that puts the listener into the orbit of his mindset.  “We Made It” feels like a perfect example of what Don Killam can bring to rap. He’s the most eclectic voice we have had in a long time, and his fearless creativeness makes him truly standout from the pack. This single is a stunning listen that pushes the boundaries of his previous release.

Don Killam incorporates wholly original flows and lyricism, which again separate him from his contemporaries. Don Killam is most interesting when he ventures into more unconventional territory. On the track, he incorporates a down-tuned vocal that creates interesting elements for him to latch onto, and play off. It takes him out of any typical flows and makes him deliver something completely new.

Don Killam tries to do a lot of different things on “We Made It”, and when he latches onto a successful element, he creates some of the most exciting sounds of the year. The bars, the flow, and the production are all amazing and work great together. Don Killam has certainly got a natural flair, and the skillset, to make his mark. When you’re as talented as he is, it doesn’t take too long to impress and captivate a listening audience.

Not having to work inside the confines of the mainstream canon, Don Killam’s approach is a breath of fresh air, giving him plenty of space to focus in on the spirit of creativity that makes his music so engaging.

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