May 25, 2024

This is not only the month of Halloween, it is the month when St. Louis Missouri based artist, Leveezy (live easy) executes his project “Leveezy is Evil”, by dropping one track, every Friday of October 2022, on YouTube. The project launched with the title track, and as could be expected, it is dark, foreboding, and brooding. On top of the twisting synths, rumbling basslines and thumping drums, Leveezy unleashes his ripping rap style. It is meant to entertain and deliver a message at the same time. To pull off a small but ambitious project like this takes much more focus than merely producing and collecting a series of unconnected songs. Leveezy balances the necessity to make dope music with the disquieting musical theme of the project exceptionally well.

“Leveezy is Evil (intro)” weaves a tale, which is equal parts accessible and equal parts darkly twisted, showcasing the fact that Leveezy is skillfully adept at meshing the macabre with real life emotions. The threads alluding to horrorcore rap are all in place, but this is a different kind of beast.

All of which puts Leveezy entirely in his own lane. Regardless of whether or not, you’re attracted to this particular style of music, hip-hop has always been about expression and how one expresses themselves. Leveezy has mastered the art here.

Not only has Leveezy crafted a dope flow and delivery, he’s managed to present his subject matter in an entirely unique way. For those who adore expansive cinematic soundscapes that emanate powerful sensorial vibes, “Leveezy is Evil (intro)” is a killer masterclass in epic sound design.

It is at once impressive and immersive, and will run chills down your spine. Leveezy runs the lyrical gamut with rapid rhymes coupled with a great flow. Listening to this music is like watching a movie, superbly narrated.

Authentic musical art is designed to make listeners feel something, and to that extent, “Leveezy is Evil (intro)” deserves full marks. On a technical level, the scorecard reads the same, because Leveezy proves himself to be a skillful practitioner of the craft, with sharp wordplay and fluid flows.

To certify that this was no flash in the pan, we listened to the follow-up track, “From: Death” produced by Wxlfstealth. The response? Leveezy’s flow seems almost effortless, his voice is insanely resonant and his rhymes are on point as well – what more could you ask for in a rapper?

“Leveezy is Evil” promises to be an epic project, albeit a short one. Rap fans will be able to savor Leveezy’s fierce flow, his laser-sharp wordplay, and the immersive impact of each song production. I expect this to be an overall incredible project, judging by the quality of the music released thus far.

Be on the lookout for each weekly release from Leveezy, especially if your musical tastes reach beyond the mainstream clones we are persistently presented with, and have become far too accustomed to.


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