June 24, 2024

It’s hard to overlook what Nicky Dub is doing on his debut album “Progression”, hence I expect the underground rap community to be pushing him towards the forefront before soon. He can rap with some of the best of them, but he is a complete artist and a quality hook maker with an ear-warming melodic voice to match. Nicky Dub has a way of commanding a song with his vocal performances. His voice has a warm tone that floats above instrumentals with clarity, reserved confidence, and sophisticated yet down-to-earth charm. Moreover, across the album he proves repeatedly that he can write unforgettable melodies with the same acute focus that he can pen laser-sharp verses.

None of the above should come as much of a surprise, since the 24-year old, hailing from the city of Philadelphia, has been curating his craft with passion from the age of 12. After years of working on his abilities, it seems that Nicky Dub was fully prepared for this moment, which coincides with the release of his album. His fusion of captivating melodies, mesmerizing rhyme schemes and expansive production, makes for an impressive introduction to an ambitious artist.

Maturing and dealing with emotions through musical means, Nicky Dub’s songs are fueled by the same emotive narrative, as he combines the nostalgic and modern into his own cohesive and hypnotic sound. His single “Sweet Jesus”, taken from the “Progression” album, encapsulates all of the singer-songwriter and rapper’s best qualities. His knack for rapping and singing certainly make him an artist worth watching, but his ability to craft memorable and refreshing melodies will certainly accelerate his status.

On “Sweet Jesus”, Nicky Dub broadcasts his natural talent for songwriting with carefully composed song. His versatility is immediate and palpable as he switches between earworm deliveries and abrasive rhymes.  He cuts through the groove of the Latino-influenced beat with a self-confident swagger and a pent up angst about the realities of life. The track manages to combine the familiar with fresh storytelling and powerful personal perspective.

“Sweet Jesus”, along with the album “Progression”, represents the first serious steps in Nicky Dub’s journey – ones centered on gradual progression, and understanding what works authentically for him. It’s a perfect game-plan, that avoids pitfalls and maintains a consistent level of artistic growth. Nicky Dub is an artist who seems to have a crystal-clear vision and a carefully thought-out approach to sharing his art in a world that is moving faster than ever.

As can be witnessed on “Sweet Jesus”, Nicky Dub is a dynamic and versatile artist, but everything he records comes across as deeply genuine and personal, and that is part of what makes him such a compelling young talent in an increasingly machinelike and manufactured industry right now. While he is full of impassioned personality, there is a heightened sense of intention and precision in his work.

Moreover, Nicky Dub’s music is undeniably sticky, and when you listen to it as much as we have during these last few days, its stickiness is even harder to ignore.

OFFICIAL LINKS: https://linktr.ee/nickydub

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