June 20, 2024

B’zurkk has a tendency to come onto a track and kill with just one verse. It’s partly his husky, abrasive voice, and how good it sounds coming between less sonically distinctive voices in the modern music era. And it has a lot to do with his tight, explosive and relentless rhyming style. A lengthy list could be made of those moments when he enters a track and instantly destroys it. B’zurkk is absolutely at his best when the backdrop is cinematically epic and sweeping or dramatically dark and dynamic. The latter, is the case with the track “Foolishness”. Here the artist has further refined his approach, creating a unique dusky chill atmosphere without sacrificing any of his grit.

“Foolishness” is a clinic in hip-hop sound manipulation, both subtle and bombastic. The track should rocket B’zurkk into the A-list of underground emcees, as his performance here is in another stratosphere. The track brings B’zurkk skill as a nuanced storyteller into sharp focus. Armed with an excellent gift for detail, he graphically describes his intricate tale. The passion and urgency are palpable in his voice, despite that this is a slow-burning track.

B’zurkk latest attempt at blending an eclectic ever-expanding beat with his tenacious lyrical flow is drastically more successful than many of his peers’ records on just about every measurable level. Diving into the darkness of “Foolishness”, B’zurkk dishes up timely rhymes, which brings his attitude front and center. The track stands out from much of today’s hip-hop with a mature sound and the old-world elements that make up the foundation of the genre.

Strong and confident with colorful lyrics and an intensely creative beats, there are no gimmicks or tricks with “Foolishness”. The message is loud and clear as B’zurkk prepares to take on the savage wilderness that is the modern music industry. Hip-hop always has been constantly evolving and reinventing itself. However, in the constant search for the next hot sound, some artists have forsaken the very elements that form the foundation of the genre. Not B’zurkk.

Though his sound is wildly adventurous and alternative in many occasions, B’zurkk never loses sight of the genre’s core elements. He may stretch his sonic field but he never loses touch with his storytelling, his rhyme schemes or his flow. B’zurkk’s bars are delivered with the sincerity of a man who has walked the roads he is describing. Under the radar, B’zurkk has steadily been creating a catalogue of inconspicuous excellence, of which “Foolishness” is an essential piece.

With his new track B’zurkk continues to play to his strengths. He embraces what has historically made the hip-hop genre special, but bends it to fit his own iconic style. There is no doubt that rap still exists and thankfully there are artists like B’zurkk who still follow the traditions while moving the genre into new avenues. On “Foolishness”, hip-hop heads will appreciate his traditional lyrical approach while the new school will be excited to hear new twists on the classic sonic stylings.


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