July 14, 2024

There are so many young artists today, who are rich in raw talent and potential but lack that vital element – songs. They need a seasoned pro in their lives, one who knows how to walk the songwriting path. They need a producer who can tighten up their vocals or smooth out the kinks in their performances. They need a guiding hand to inject energy into lifeless arrangements and show them how to connect with listeners. They need the talents of someone like D.C. Douglas Coleman aka D.C., is a songwriter and producer from Cincinnati Ohio, who has been in and around the music industry block, since the nineties. He recently dropped some fire tracks, including “Caribbean Love” (ft. Piakhan) and “Senorita”, to show just how tight his game still is.

Nineties or not, if there’s one thing we learned from these tracks, it’s that D.C.’s still got plenty of great music left in him. “Senorita” is a timeless slow-burning listen filled with sultry, soulful vocals and passionate lyrics.

Featuring organic-sounding instrumentation and an undeniable groove, this Latin-flavored mid-tempo ballad will have you nodding your head. Most importantly, in a time when there are so many struggles in life, this is the type of music you can put on and be swept away.

D.C.’s exceptional ability to visualize and describe ardent an love story is more present than ever on “Senorita”. The singer vividly croons the qualities that makes a special woman amazing, and why he wants her. The singing is dynamic, with the backing music matching its magnificence.  There is no doubt regarding authenticity as the singer puts his all into the track. The songwriting certainly allows for an expressive, heartfelt, and nuanced performance.

Everything feels right on “Senorita” – the vocals, the lyrics, the theme, and the production as D.C. perfectly captures the aching and anxiety of his desires. Further strengthening the messaging, the awesome songwriting is supported by a marvelous backdrop.

It’s a reminder of how accomplished D.C. is in creating and producing his music. The warmth and lushness of the sound is a big takeaway, alongside the soaring and soulful vocals. The melody is also killer – tuneful to the ninth degree.

The fact that D.C. vibrates on a different wavelength than most of his contemporaries is further cemented with the track “Caribbean Love” (ft. Piakhan). Shimmering guitars, hip swaying rhythms and exotic sonic auras underscore a breezy lead vocal and some straight-ahead rapping for an all-embracing sound that instantly captures attention.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to make of the current music landscape with so many genres and sub-genres. D.C. brings back songs that transcends genre, regardless of what stylings they lean on. If D.C. hasn’t found his way into your music collection yet, I strongly suggest you check him out right now.

D.C. puts all of his musical charms into his recordings as he comes for your emotions, while creating fully tangible vibes on both “Caribbean Love” (ft. Piakhan) and “Senorita”. The songs are built within sonic frameworks that expand and reach out in enchanting directions, making D.C. a phenomenal songwriting talent that will grab and hold your attention throughout his recordings.

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