May 25, 2024

Itse’s talent exemplifies the confidence and persona of a young superstar. The Dublin based singer/songwriter has just released “Big Star,” and shows how to draw attention with infectious hooks and melodies. The twenty-something artist has already begun to impact audiences of all ages with her classic afrobeat reggae flow.

This song is perfect for the groups who curate playlists to drink poolside to, roadtrip, or even just played in a laid back function type of environment. “Big Star” is easy to listen to given that Itse flows with a cadence reminiscent of afrobeat super star “Burna Boy”.

Itse, born Itseorishe Eyesan, is not so new on the scene, as she has been working underground as a songwriter with a couple of big acts in afrobeat like Mr Peak, A1alvin, Zeus Baby to mention a few. The lyrics in this particular track are reflective and honest bearing questions to a future and if her dreams would become a reality.

“Jagajaga” a phrase which she mentioned quite a number of times in the songs reflects how she intends to take her place in the industry in her words “If they don’t create space for me. I would rugged my way and make space for myself”. For listeners of Burna boy, Koffee, Wizkid,, Hip-Hop, Rap, Sexy, Chill, Aggressive, Happy, Energetic and all subgenres this record would definitely be an exciting one to add to your playlists.



Itse was not exposed to a wide variety of talented people growing up in Nigeria, She is a self taught musician who has learnt all she knows simply by watching some Youtube videos about songwriting. She graduated with a degree in Economics from Landmark University in 2015 and went ahead to do her MBA in Finance at Dublin Business School. Keeping her musical interests alive she has won a couple awards and competitions. She started her music career as a rapper but over the years she has evolved and she is now an all

round artist who has the ability to fit in any Genre. Itse began working on music in 2009 starting in her High School where she was the singer in a Rap group called “Starlighters”. Over the years she has worked with various Music artiste mostly as a songwriter / ghostwriter. Itse had her first taste of fame when she won D’banj The King its Here Instagram competition. She and over 8,000 contestants participated in the Competition and out of 8,000 plus entries she emerged the Winner and she has since gone viral.

August 2016 Itse put out her debut single “Gimme that”. Nigerian Multiple Award winning Rapper Yung6ix described Itse as SPECIAL . She has gained a reasonable amount of following and fans who believe and are waiting for her to breakthrough in the Industry.. She is a novice tap dancer. She escapes the noise of the world by retreating to her tiny home studio, which is where she created and recorded all the songs from her upcoming E.P.

Itse Social Links: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tik Tok Apple Music | Spotify | SoundCloud | YouTube

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