May 20, 2024

Christopher Farmakis is better known by his stage name, Tripp Lyfe, or Tripp for short.  Not only he is an American Rapper, Singer and Songwriter, Tripp loves the Lord with all of his soul, he put him first in everything he does. Tripp believes Music is the greatest of mankind. His music creates a mood and makes you feel emotions while listening to his lyrics. He believes music brings people together. Tripp’s lyrics are all freestyle it is so authentic because he expresses his feelings when he has no words or a way for others to understand the things that’s written on his heart so he puts it all down on paper, find a tune and let it overflow naturally. Tripp Lyfe is on radio rotation with the track “Believe Me”. You will find Tripp’s music raw and authentic. Be sure to follow him on all Major Platforms.

IG: @_tripplyfe
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