June 24, 2024

Blazian Sensation Aya Ito is a native of Tokyo, Japan and a multi-genre vocalist & songwriter. This Japanese and Black singer has been dubbed a force of nature. Pulling influence from Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, H.E.R., Robert Glasper, Rihanna, and Jhene Aiko, Aya Ito has created her signature Pop/R&B/Soul fusion sound, while also incorporating her trilingual abilities (English, Spanish and Japanese).

Aya has toured the US & Japan wowing crowds with her spirited performances and dynamic sound. Aya has been lauded for her absolute beauty and undeniable talent. Last year, Aya opened for Afrobeats artist, D’banj, in Dubai.  She also appeared and performed on multiple radio stations in Japan and sang the national anthem at two White Sox games.

Aya’s most recent release, ‘Just Might’ reflects Aya’s pop and R&B influences in her own way and successfully mixes both production styles with live instrumentation.

Aya stated, “it was inspired by many conversations I had with friends and strangers who all seemed to be going through similar experiences during the pandemic. Introspection and seclusion led many of us to realize how important meaningful relationships are and how hard it is to survive without connecting with people.”

‘Just Might’ talks about the many faces we have when we are on the quest for love.  It can be ugly, loving, sexy, confusing. As a gift to her fans, Aya has included her own recipes to go along with each song, which can be found on her Bandcamp.

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