July 18, 2024

Slaywitme, the multifaceted musician, hailing from the bustling streets of New York, but with Chicago roots that run deep, has been carving out a unique space in the music industry. He’s been making waves with his innovative sound and daring experimentation, which has caught the attention of music lovers everywhere. It all started for Slay when he found himself in the heart of the American drill music scene during in Chicago. It was there that he was inspired to take up the viola and later, to broaden his horizons with FL Studio.

Slaywitme holds the SoundCloud era close to his heart, considering it a sacred time that birthed some of the most influential artists of our generation, such as XXXTentacion, Lil Uzi, Carti, and Yachty. With such inspiration, it was in 2016 when Slay began to record his music, always striving to push the boundaries and experiment with new sounds that truly resonated with him.

Slaywitme’s bedroom studio experiments gradually evolved into him being recognized as an early pioneer of sped-up songs, long before they became the norm. He boasts a pretty-boy demeanor, and his lyrics are a stark contrast, often exploring the Sadboi themes of heartbreak and pain. Slay’s unique approach to infusing early 2000s culture into his work has earned him a reputation as a maverick in the industry.

Recently, Slaywitme teamed up with Dom Corleo and producer foolysrevenge to create “Good Guys,” a glitch banger that fuses elements of Plugnb with punk. After releasing under a different artist name, and garnering unprecedented success, Slay to rebranded to his previous moniker, leading up to his debut project ‘trust me, it gets worse.’ February 2023 also marked the release of Slay’s seven-track EP called “Slayer”.

The EP “Slayer”, is another example of his forward-thinking approach to music. Here, Slaywitme blends chiptune motifs, heavy bass, skittering percussion, and twisting synths to create his own personalized 8-bit hip-hop, with infectious melodies and intriguing stories. These are only a handful of artists out of hundreds that could make 2023 their year, the originality of “Slayer”, gives Slaywitme the opportunity to be on that shortlist.

He comes sliding out of the gates confidently on “everyday n nite”, atop booming bass, noisy synths and hissing hi-hats to quickly set the mood and pace of the EP. In the wink of an eye, he flips the template on “molly”, with the powerhouse EDM synths and a throbbing beat. The place slows on “messiah” but the intensity of Slaywitme’s delivery actually increases, as does the emotional quotient. Up next is the dancefloor banger “gat in da club” that rides on an unstoppable rhythm.

Slaywitme is just as comfortable traversing frenetic beats as he is maneuvering swelling grooves and ballsy slow rollers, all with a focus on striking sonics. He slows it down again on the intoxicating “treat her like the goat” and “shooting star”, allowing his echoing vocals to weave its way across the buzzing soundscapes. Slaywitme closes the EP with the futuristic “punxx tweakerr”, where the chiptune aesthetics create a haunting and resonant sound canvas.

Slaywitme’s ability to experiment with his sound, to defy genre norms and to draw from a broad spectrum of influences, has solidified his position as one of the most exciting and innovative musicians in the industry today. With his bold and unique approach, Slaywitme is set to leave an indelible mark on the music world, carving out a space all his own.


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