July 13, 2024

Hav-it and WILDZ XL have created a musical masterpiece that not only showcases whirlpool of talent but also serves a higher purpose. “Wildz Time” is an album that is inspired by wildlife and its preservation, and the diverse songs on the album beautifully convey the message. Hav-it (Havitt Shah) is a visionary songwriter and producer who has partnered with WILDZ XL, a music movement that is not only dedicated to creating wildlife-related music, but also own a wildlife-inspired clothing brand, and for every sale they make, a part of the proceeds goes towards the cause of preserving our precious wildlife. Their latest project, the album “Wildz Time,” is a 15-song collection that tells the stories of the various animal species and their struggles for survival and prosperity, on a thematic timeline.

The album opens with “Animal Babies,” sung by Nana (Kenya, Africa), which explores the birth of baby animals and the love they receive from their mothers. This is followed by “I Wear My Own Stripes,” sung by Gulsah Brett (Turkey), which celebrates individuality and uniqueness.

“The Big Five,” performed by S.O.N (Nigeria, Africa), pays tribute to the bravest and most dangerous animals of the Savannas. “Zebra Crossing Of The Wildz,” again sung by Nana (Kenya, Africa), speaks about survival and the search for greener pastures.

“Future Of The Wildz,” sung by Gulsah Brett (Turkey), looks at the bleak future and how to change it. “Endangered Species,” sung by May OnMars (Zimbabwe, Africa), and “In an di jungles,” rapped by Still Hustle (UK) and sung by Gulsah Brett (Turkey), continue to look at the danger of extinction.

The search for protection and safety is explored in “Shadow Of A Lion,” while “Simba Love,” sung by award-winning artists Nana & Karrey (Kenya, Africa), celebrates the creation of love and life. “Wildz Love,” sung by Francis (Nigeria, Africa), and “Best of Both Worlds,” performed by S.O.N (Nigeria, Africa), continue the theme of love.

“It’s a species thing,” sung by Lloyd Soul (Zimbabwe, Africa), looks at the power and strength of different species. “Go Green,” rapped by Justin McGee (Michigan, USA), explores the human role in saving the planet. “Reincarnation,” sung by Francis (Nigeria, Africa), and rapped by Arunl0h (Germany), asks the question of whether we truly die.

“Mama Africa on the Map,” which celebrates the world in one continent, features rappers Still Hustle (UK), Outsider (Morroco, North Africa), New Mburu & Nzau (Kenya, East Africa), and is sung by Lucrushmere (South Africa).

With the latest album, “Wildz Time,” Hav-itWILDZ XL, delivers a sonic landscape that is a must-hear for any music lover. From the moment you press play, you are thrown into a world of diverse sounds and styles that are hard to resist.

Throughout the 15 tracks on the album, WILDZ XL blends a wide range of genres and sonic elements, creating a truly unique and captivating listening experience. Whether it’s the ear-catching melodies, cutting-edge raps, or intoxicating rhythms, WILDZ XL has spared no expense in creating an album that is full of gorgeous aural elements.

One of the standout features of “Wildz Time” is the meticulous selection of vocalists and rappers that WILDZ XL has brought onboard. Each track is carefully crafted with a specific voice in mind, and the result is a collection of songs that showcase the strengths and talents of each performer. But it’s not just the vocals that make this album stand out.

WILDZ XL has also shown his skills as a producer, blending and layering sounds to create a rich and dynamic soundscape. From the opening track to the final notes, “Wildz Time” is a masterclass in production.

The album, “Wildz Time”, is co-written, produced and engineered by Hav-itWILDZ XL, and mastered by The Sound Explorer Studio. JT Hernandez took care of the promo vocals, while the photography comes courtesy of Rish Shah. This project is a must-listen for anyone who cares about good music…and the survival of our planet’s precious wildlife.


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