May 28, 2024

Hip-hop lovers, are you ready for an EP that is guaranteed to make you feel the raw essence of hip-hop? Look no further than Manic’s latest release, “FOR SURE”. The Chicago-based artist produced, mixed, and mastered every track on this EP, showcasing his immense talent as both a rapper and a producer. Manic’s influences are evident throughout the EP, with nods to Kodak Black, Joyner Lucas, and the early 2000s Dirty South, Houston vibes. However, what sets him apart is his ability to channel these influences into a sound that is uniquely his own. “FOR SURE” is a body-of-work that is passionate, raw, tenacious, and eye opening for those who have never heard of Manic.

At its core, “FOR SURE” is a showcase of Manic’s clever, explosive, and concise rapping style. He is a rapper who knows how to keep the listener’s attention, and he does so by putting extra emphasis on hard-hitting, and sometimes, controversial lyrics. You can’t help but respect his fearlessness when it comes to keeping it real.

Throughout the 6-track playlist, Manic effortlessly balances grittiness and rawness with an everyman relatability that puts him on the map for many listeners. From the opening title track, ‘FOR SURE’, to the last track, ‘SAVAGE FREESTYLE’, each song is a testament to Manic’s lyrical prowess and exceptional delivery.

The opener forges a warm organic sound with skittering percussion and a steady but incessant flow from Manic, while the closer, comes out of the gate with a repetitive keyboard motif, distorted drums, and machine-gun rhymes.

In ‘COOPERATE’ ft. Jamal Jack, Manic collaborates with another talented artist to deliver a hard-hitting track with retro keys and slamming drums that will leave you feeling invigorated. ‘100M DASH FREESTYLE’ is another standout track that showcases Manic’s ability to spit bars with ease and confidence, while creating a resonating beat that throbs and stuns the senses.

Meanwhile, ‘BITCH BREATHE’ comes forth with retro keys and explicit storytelling, between hoes and popping pills, while ‘BETTER OFF’ sees Manic continue to tackle these sensitive topics with downright unfiltered honesty.

One of the most impressive aspects of the EP “FOR SURE”, is how focused and cohesive each track is. From the production to the lyrics, every element comes together seamlessly to create a body-of-work that is both engaging and immersive.

Manic’s confident rapping style is on full display throughout the EP, as he effortlessly delivers his verses with impeccable flow and timing. Whether he’s spitting rapid-fire bars or delivering a more introspective verses, Manic’s lyrical ability is undeniable.

But what really sets Manic apart is his willingness to tackle sensitive topics that are close to his heart. He speaks candidly about a number of topical themes, that not only showcase Manic’s personal perspective, but also make him relatable to listeners who may have gone through similar experiences, or have comparable ambitions.

Overall, “FOR SURE” is a testament to Manic’s talent and dedication as both a rapper and a producer. His ability to create music that is both raw and emotive is a testament to his skill and passion for the genre.

For fans of hip-hop, this EP is a must-listen and a sign that Manic is an artist to watch. In conclusion, “FOR SURE” is for anyone who appreciates unapologetic hip-hop. So, turn up the volume and get ready to experience the essence of hip-hop with Manic’s latest release.


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