July 23, 2024

Trendii Sauvage is a Nigeria born- raised in London artist who’s music is influenced by the early 2000’s Rap, r&b and pop from artists such as Lil wayne, Pharrell, 50 cent. Trendii is an authentic diverse musician that believes his sound has the ability to ultimately create and build a new base sound in trap, Afrobeat, hip-hop. He is able to adapt to different instrumentals including Rnb, Afrobeats, afro swing and drill. Trendii also plays the drums himself as well as the piano keys.

Trendii’s debut single ‘Tank” and latest single “Outside” is only a little slice of what to expect in the AFRO ROXTAR EP (AFROROXTAR is a project created by Trendii Sauvage, incorporating his unique sound into the Afrobeat, hip-hop and rap music genres). Trendii is capable of bringing new music of great value to the table as he believes that his music is one that people should definitely reckon with sooner than later. Trendii Sauvage is on radio rotation with the track “Intro” from the EP ‘Afro Roxtar’.

Connect with Trendii Sauvage: Instagram @trendiisauvage

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