May 27, 2024

In a world where intoxicating waves of exotic musical flavors finally receive the international attention they truly deserve, Afrobeats and Pop Urbano stands at the forefront, igniting global recognition. These magnetic sounds have traversed continents, amassing billions of streams, dominating airwaves and playlists, ascending the prestigious Billboard charts, and even claiming Grammy awards. Embodying a modern, popular, and fresh soundscape, these sonic templates derive from the vibrant streets of West Africa and the pulsating clubs of the Caribbean. What sets this music apart is its remarkable ability to blend a diverse range of genres, including hip-hop, rap, reggaeton, dancehall, R&B, soca, amapiano, and pop, to name a few. Among these rich tapestries, Pop Urbano and Afrobeats, emerge as kindred spirits, both infused with highly charged rhythms that drive the lyrics and melodies encapsulated within them.

Enter Face Of The Flamez, an independent collective fearlessly pushing the boundaries of their craft. PassionKilla and DaDemonChubbs, two young and prodigiously talented artists within the collective, have ventured into uncharted territory, combining their rapping and singing prowess to create a mesmerizing fusion of Afrobeats and Pop Urbano. Their latest single, “Big Up Unna Self,” serves as the acid test for their innovative formula, intertwining English lyrics with Jamaican slang, thus infusing the track with an authentic edge that sets it apart from the crowd.

Intoxicatingly melodic and rhythmically mesmerizing, “Big Up Unna Self” glides effortlessly on skittering percussion and shimmering keys, laying a solid foundation for PassionKilla and DaDemonChubbs to flex their vocal skills and unravel the song’s captivating narrative. From the moment the infectious beat envelops your senses, you’ll find yourself effortlessly swaying to its irresistible rhythm, as if floating across the dancefloor. It’s a track that transcends mere auditory pleasure; it immerses you in a state of euphoria, where smooth melodies and an irresistible groove transport you to a world where music reigns supreme.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of passion, desire, and unspoken connections. With lines like “big up yuh” and “gyal cant you tell you my ting,” PassionKilla and DaDemonChubbs establish their unyielding confidence and magnetism. The song embodies a raw, unapologetic expression of admiration, where the artists surrender to the captivating power of a love that transcends words. Lines such as “eye roll back, like she ’bout to steal my soul” and “pussy made of gold, midas touch” evoke a sense of irresistible allure and the transformative nature of their connection.

The song exudes a sense of vulnerability and intimacy, as the artists proclaim that their muse, the one who truly understands them, stands as their unwavering support. Even in the face of disbelief, they marvel at how she remains steadfast. In their audacious pursuit of success, they surpass conventional expectations, dreaming not just of making an impact on their significant others but of securing a coveted Grammy award. It’s an anthem of self-assurance, artistic triumph, and relentless determination.

PassionKilla and DaDemonChubbs deliver their verses with a smooth melodic intensity, seamlessly transitioning between English and Jamaican patois, infusing their verses with authenticity and a captivating linguistic flair. Their synergy and magnetic presence culminate in a captivating musical experience that immerses listeners in their world.

“Big Up Unna Self” represents an extraordinary convergence of cultures and genres, a testament to the power of musical exploration and artistic expression. PassionKilla and DaDemonChubbs has carved a path that commands attention and admiration. They have skillfully harnessed the rhythmic forces of Afrobeats and Pop Urbano, infusing their music with an irresistible energy that resonates deep within the soul. “Big Up Unna Self” may just be the summer groove you’ve been looking for.


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