May 18, 2024

Berlin, Germany – Europe’s beating heart of artistic ingenuity – has birthed yet another virtuoso, and this time it’s none other than the enigmatic beatmaker and producer extraordinaire, Crypto Beats. With a musical lexicon spanning hip-hop, jazz, blues, and even classical symphonies, this audacious maestro has been tinkering with the very fabric of sound since his teenage years. From the ethereal realm of Fruity Loops to the hypnotic universe of Reason, and finally settling into the creative cosmos of Logic as his digital audio workstation of choice, Crypto Beats has mastered the art of crafting captivating beats that transcend the boundaries of genre and time.

Drawing inspiration from the sonic melting pot of musical influences coursing through his veins, Crypto Beats now unveils his magnum opus, “Memphis Reloaded” – an instrumental tour de force that pays homage to the hallowed ground of Memphis, Tennessee, USA. The Memphis hip-hop scene, with its beguiling allure and enigmatic aura, has always been a magnet for trailblazing artists and producers, birthing a genre that emanates a pulsating vibe of its own.

Prepare to embark on a mind-bending journey as “Memphis Reloaded” catapults you into the heart of a genre that has left an indelible mark on the annals of hip-hop history. The essence of Memphis beats is inscribed in the very essence of this masterpiece – a slow-burning, hypnotic cadence that weaves its way into your soul. These beats, dripping with the sweat of the Mississippi Delta, exude a dark, enigmatic aura that sets them apart from their counterparts in distant lands.

The signature hallmarks of Memphis hip-hop, finds its place of reverence within the cavernous chambers of Crypto Beats’ instrumentals. The audacious manipulation of pitch and tempo yields mesmerizingly slurred and distorted effects, ensnaring listeners in an inescapable sonic labyrinth.  “Memphis Reloaded” doesn’t recreate the past; it revitalizes it, breathes new life into the mesmerizing elements that defined the city’s golden era.

Cryptic basslines prowl beneath haunting synth melodies, forming an otherworldly amalgamation that ensnares minds and hearts alike. Sampling stands at the core of this creative opus, with Crypto Beats fearlessly plundering and pillaging sonic flourishes, soulful voices, and other aural gems to insert onto the beats. The result is an evocative time capsule, oozing with nostalgia and raw authenticity.

As you delve deeper into the labyrinthine soundscapes of “Memphis Reloaded,” the allure of its atmospheric and multilayered production style becomes evident. There’s a certain mystique in this immersive approach, a charm that speaks to the core of hip-hop’s ethos. Embracing and celebrating the raw essence of creation, Crypto Beats cements his status as an avant-garde mastermind, beckoning you to bear witness to his sonic alchemy.

Within this 10-track playlist lie jewels of transcendent brilliance. From the haunting vibes of “Creepin” to the head-nodding groove of “Glocktype,” each instrumental encapsulates a mood and emotion that transcends words. The ethereal “Lemon” drips with a zestful freshness, while “Pimpin” exudes an air of suave and sultry confidence. “Juicy” and “Everyday” evoke a kaleidoscope of sensations, weaving the listener into a dreamscape of melodies and beats. “Badman” puts you in an hypnotic head-nodding mood, while “Smoke” draws you into the aura of a late-night club on the outskirts of town.

Prepare yourself for a profound experience that transcends the boundaries of geography and time. With “Memphis Reloaded,” Crypto Beats masterfully conjures a homage that reverberates with the spirit of a city steeped in musical history. Venture forth into the uncharted territories of this masterpiece, as Crypto Beats invites you to immerse yourself in the very soul of Memphis, Tennessee, and witness the birth of an epoch-defining legend.

Unshackle your senses, dear music connoisseurs, and surrender to the evocative magic of “Memphis Reloaded.” Crypto Beats beckons you on this intrepid journey, where the lines between time and space blur, and only the rhythmic heartbeat of “Memphis Reloaded” remains.

Album Credits: AUDIO LEAGUE (Mix), Reatsch (Master), CRYPTO BEATS (Instrumental), DJ LUK (Scratches), anitotattoo (front cover art) and GABRIEL RELTEK (Cover Design)


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