July 19, 2024

In the heart of London’s underground rap scene, where the journey to success is fraught with obstacles and detours, emerges a true artist who has defied the odds and stayed true to his roots. CHOZE, a name synonymous with unwavering passion and lyrical brilliance, presents his debut masterpiece, “D.I.Y.” This album not only defines his artistic identity but also pays homage to the old-school era that shaped him into the artist he is today. CHOZE’s musical odyssey is a narrative woven with threads of dedication and authenticity. Initially destined for a career in professional football, an ankle injury took him on a different trajectory—a serendipitous path leading him to embrace music as his salvation. Growing up in a family that held music dear, with legends like Michael Jackson as their sonic backdrop, CHOZE was bound to become an artist. However, it was the success of a family member, Neutrino, in the DJ and MC garage duo Oxide & Neutrino that added fuel to the fire of his ambitions.

In the crucible of London’s underground music scene, CHOZE honed his skills on pirate radio stations that were a breeding ground for future grime icons like Dizzee Rascal and Stormzy, and it was here that CHOZE found his voice and the confidence to start recording his own music. The industry came knocking with tempting offers from major labels, but CHOZE, guided by an unyielding commitment to his artistic integrity, declined a boy band deal from Virgin Records. His artistic identity would not be compromised.

Success came to CHOZE independently, earning him recognition on Sony’s Flava TV, where he was crowned “One to Watch.” It was his genre-defying track “Sell My Soul (I Won’t)” featuring Max Stone that garnered acclaim and caught the attention of prominent DJs. But CHOZE’s journey is not just about music; it’s a testament to his commitment to his community. Inspired by a tragic incident involving knife crime on his Clapham estate during his youth, CHOZE became a tireless advocate against this scourge. He joined the anti-knife campaign ‘It’s No Joke,’ taking the stage at Hammersmith Apollo alongside MBE Paulette Randall and Sir Lenny Henry to amplify his message.

The album “D.I.Y” serves as the crystallization of CHOZE’s artistic journey. This album boasts 11 tracks that span a spectrum of emotions and themes. Lyrically flawless and musically vibrant, these songs are powerful, raw, and executed with cutting-edge precision. CHOZE’s lightning-fast flows, witty rhymes, and hard-hitting messages are complemented by the fire and energy of grime aesthetics, making “D.I.Y” a highly infectious record.

Each track in this musical tapestry is a vivid brushstroke in the portrait of an artist who dares to defy convention and embrace authenticity. The album ignites with the incendiary Badderz.” Here, CHOZE dons the mantle of defiance and wields poetic sarcasm like a rap samurai. His lyrical prowess is akin to a sledgehammer crashing through intricate production. “Wake Up” (ft. CORPZ and Barrington Levy) is a symphony of high-octane power. Anchored by a pulsating bassline and punctuated by rapid-fire rhymes, urging you to remain vigilant and ready for the relentless climb to success.

The album’s intensity refuses to waver as we dive into “Built 4 Dis.” Here, CHOZE stands as the lyrical executioner, eviscerating those ill equipped to face life’s challenges. His flow is robust, his lyricism incisive, laying bare the vulnerabilities of his rivals. “Drug Muzik” (ft. Skibadee, produced by Shai Sevin and DJ LYNX) is an alchemical fusion of sonic elements. CHOZE’s energy and wordplay reach their zenith here. In the midst of this lyrical tempest, CHOZE takes a moment to step into the role of a motivational speaker in the “D.I.Y Interlude.” It’s a powerful intermission amidst the lyrical onslaught, a brief respite that amplifies the album’s message of self-empowerment.

The eponymous track, “D.I.Y,” stands as an anthem to the do-it-yourself ethos. It’s a declaration of independence, an exhortation to chase dreams unburdened by obstacles. CHOZE embodies the spirit of resilience here, and it resonates through every beat and lyric. The album takes a personal turn with “Nothing to Lose.” CHOZE bares his soul, delving into his personal struggles and unyielding determination. It underscores the importance of surmounting negativity and embracing calculated risks in the relentless pursuit of dreams.

A change in lyrical trajectory arrives with “I Apologize.” Here, CHOZE explores the intricacies of fractured relationships. Set against a captivating beat and rhythmic rap flow, this track is a window into the soul of an artist, laying bare his vulnerabilities and errors with lyrical finesse. “Last 1’s Left” peers into the motivations of artists in the music industry. It’s a contemplative piece that emphasizes the paramount importance of staying true to one’s artistic vision. In this track, CHOZE isn’t just a rapper; he’s a philosopher-poet, dissecting the essence of creativity.

The album’s lyrical depth deepens with “Sending Me Signs.” CHOZE’s lyrical palette takes on metaphorical hues as he explores the profound facets of life. This track is a lyrical journey through the human experience, with CHOZE as our guide. As the album approaches its zenith, “YOU” emerges as a heartfelt tribute. CHOZE dedicates this track to someone who unwaveringly believed in him. It’s a profound expression of gratitude and support, encapsulating the album’s overarching themes of empowerment and life-affirming experiences. “YOU” is heartfelt testament to the bonds that fuel the artist’s creative fire.

In conclusion, CHOZE’s “D.I.Y” is an auditory odyssey. Each track is a chapter in the chronicle of an artist who dares to be different, who dares to be authentic. With electrifying beats, razor-sharp rhymes, and messages that resonate on a profound level, “D.I.Y” is a manifesto of artistic integrity and unwavering self-belief. CHOZE’s star continues to rise, and with albums like “D.I.Y,” he will eventually etch his name into the annals of musical history.


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