May 25, 2024

Florence, Italy – CATTANEO, the multifaceted musician, songwriter, and Electronic performer, is making waves in the world of soundscapes and audiovisual artistry. With three albums under his belt, CATTANEO’s creative journey has led him to compose captivating soundtracks for a diverse range of audiovisual works, including short films, documentaries, and promotional videos.

A notable collaboration with Diego Buongiorno resulted in the mesmerizing soundtrack for ‘Hyperstellar’, a site-specific artwork presented at Palazzo Pitti in June 2023 by the art collective Hyperstudio. This artwork, produced by the Balloon Museum, is set to grace the ‘Let’s Fly’ exhibition in New York in October 2023.

One of CATTANEO’s standout compositions, ‘Il Raggio’, featuring the evocative voice of Iranian singer Hamid Shahsavan, was released as part of the “Brixia Sonora” project. This project pays tribute to the vibrant music scene in Brescia, Italy, on the occasion of the Italian Capital of Culture 2023, with the album cover designed by acclaimed artist Emilio Isgrò.

CATTANEO’s artistic spectrum extends to his role as a member of the electronic duo Jay Perkins, known for their groundbreaking albums ‘Decay’ and ‘Release’, released by the esteemed Italian label Ala Bianca. These albums push the boundaries of Electronic music, improvisation, and sound experimentation.

As anticipation builds, CATTANEO is set to release his latest album, ‘The Faun,’ on November 10, 2023. This highly awaited release includes exciting collaborations, such as ‘Italiano Per Stranieri’ featuring Francesco Bianconi and ‘Juno Fog’ featuring YOSIE.

CATTANEO’s innovative and genre-blurring approach continues to captivate audiences, making him a trailblazing figure in the Electronic music scene. Stay tuned for ‘The Faun’ and prepare to embark on a musical journey that pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration.



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