June 21, 2024

Inspired by the likes of influential artists as diverse as NY’s Biggie Smalls, as well as Eminem, Sade, 2Pac and Michael Jackson, Novel “Hooly” The Goat, born Levon Robbins, works from a broad template. He’s debut single “Litboi”, cracked the BMS Radio Chicago Top-25 Urban Singles Chart for the Week of August 13-19th. The track also climbed to #47 on the Digital DJ Pool Hip Hop Charts, and Hooly was also selected as “Artist of the Week” on thisis50. Hooly’s tracks offer listeners a chance to fully experience his vibe and growth. The resulting jams roam through a wide range of soundscapes, including frothy trap, hot-buttered hip-hop and earth-shaking electronic bump. He is forging his own musical path and creating his signature sound.

A Harlem kid with a cool voice, Novel “Hooly” The Goat’s primary aesthetic appeal rests in the dichotomy between the words he spits and the way he spits it. Hooly’s flow is a thing of beauty.

His rubbery voice rolls syllables around until he has hit just about every possible permutation, transforming hard consonants into thrown rocks and toying with metaphors like they were Rubik’s Cubes. In Hooly’s world, he’s the king of Harlem. Well if you’re the Goat you gotta wear the crown!

“Litboi” creates its own world both sonically and lyrically. The beat ranges from wistful to hypnotic, muted electro bounce. The producers practically dish out a prismatic bed for Hooly’s magnetic flow.

Of course, the production on these songs is only part of the equation. Hooly’s rhymes are absolutely stellar, while his flow can go from energetic to ecstatic, as it does on “My Yamm Thang”.

The ruthlessly efficient and wildly complex couplets delivered with disquieting nonchalance can be found scattered among his material. In reality, he also tries his hand at different sorts of beats, succeeding with every single one. As he does with “I Got the Juice”, where he is at his most liberated, and his most artful.

The track unleashes a snake of a bass line that feels like a metaphorical paranoia, as Hooly rides the beat relentlessly. With malicious production, sub bass, and ghoulish synths. Hooly is on autopilot from the jump here, as energy and momentum remain his keywords. Doing what he does best, Hooly reaches his full potential when attending to females with this addictive club jump.

Lyrically, Novel “Hooly” The Goat holds his own. He’s clever and charismatic, and he’s best weapons are his great hooks and compelling swagger. No matter how you might be leaning on this, these single projects, out through Dope Hitz Entertainment, have plenty of solid moments to make them full worthy appetizers for whatever Hooly is planning on his agenda next.


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