July 19, 2024

Antjuan Washington better known as Tjuan Benafactor, has dropped his latest motivational track, “Marathon Music”. The notable performer, producer and award winning songwriter, based out of Pittsburgh PA, signed to the Arucca Flyboy imprint also performed the song for 50,000 people at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon. You could call Tjuan a veteran by now he’s had his fair share of hits, and chose to go the indie route with his own label. He’s kept himself relevant in recent years with his impressive series of releases in which he flipped pop culture references into nimble punch lines, in turn making them hip-hop quotables.

“Marathon Music” plays into his propensity to ride trend waves. As he approaches the song with the beat in mind, you’ll be hard-pressed to hear a rapper today that’s as melodic and rhythmically skillful as he is. Now he adds inspiring lyrics and a focused attitude into the mix too.

The result is a track that bumps with uplifting energy and acute wit.  The song also serves to remind you of how Tjuan Benafactor is loads more fun than a lot of the guys who are, ostensibly, in his lane. The distinguishing factor is that Tjuan does what he’s supposed to do now, which is rap well, and sound breezy and cool while doing it. He leaves all the other hype behind him.

Tjuan’s toolset includes a vast array of punchlines, appealing and charming hooks, and an aptitude for picking just the right drum or snare. And here, he has done his best job at showing you his knack for beat picking on successful, well acclaimed themes. Do you know any other rapper directly singing about a marathon? Regardless of what its metaphor might be. I think not.

What is particularly enticing about “Marathon Music” is Tjuan Benafactor’s liking for sticking to the plan. He only crosses into dangerous or unmarked territory as an artist when something is on the line, which is not the case of this single. So there are no distractions, features, or strange elements included in the package. It’s basically just the beat, and Tjuan’s lyrical flow that dominates the song. Its and old school theory, but it’s what kept the real craft of hip-hop alive until now. There is not a single moment of lapses on this single, where the music is dull, cut-and-dried, or mechanical.

Sometimes, you just have to wait. As the old expression goes, “the best is yet to come.” For Tjuan Benafactor, that quote exemplifies his game in 2017, and the track “Marathon Music”. You can download Marathon Music on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify. The track is also available on Tidal, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Muve Music & more.


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