July 16, 2024

Sensational Italian Singer and Model, Lord Conrad has made a worldwide impact with the release of his new official music video titled ‘Touch the Sky’. Shortly followed by its release on YouTube, the video has created sensational shockwaves on the social media and has broken the internet with fans from all over the world going crazy. Filmed in the Rome, the uncommon video that is almost like a short film is a flawless blend of action, sexy girls, glamour, unique cars, love and most importantly, the epic music by the Lord of Music.

“Touch the Sky has everything including the most original plot ever seen, guns, action, sexy outfits, muscle cars of the 1970s and 80s and much more,” said Lord Conrad while talking about his new official music video in a recent interview. “We have put it all on the line in this video and I am proudly to say that we have accomplished something truly original.” He added. The video is about me fighting a gang of hot girls and the fans are calling it the most epic 4 minutes clip of the decade.  The concept for the video is a short-film featuring him and his girlfriend in a plot that sees her kidnapped by a gang of “sexy girls,” who he has to fight to get her back.

Directed by Gabriel Cash, the video has summed up splendid creativity in a box and it full of energy that has never been seen before.  With fans calling him ‘The Lord of Music’, Conrad’s action style, his cutoff sleeves, amazing rings, 18k diamonds Gold Rolex, gun-diamonds belt and his glamorous personality makes it a one of a kind original. According to the reviews, the single has amplified Conrad’s sex appeal and it features also Johnny Zampa Sexy Bastard Dolls girls. “We decided to make a movie like video and this is exactly what we did in this video.” Said Gabriel Cash, the Director of this amazing video in a recent interview by an Italian magazine.

Besides Lord himself who is a recognized sex symbol worldwide, the video stars an iconic fashion model, actress, and famed celebrity Elisa Pepe Sciarria who has the role of his girlfriend. In a nutshell, the video is already becoming a cult for an entire generation and is creating a major buzz for the fans all over the world. According to the director, the plot of this video where a man is struggling with a group of sexy girls is something that has never been conceived before. Some of the reviews have described it as a breathtaking succession of emotions, feelings, actions, pictures, gorgeous and ruthless girls at the same time.

No director had pushed to such levels of originality and Gabriel has redefined the concept of directions with this epic masterpiece. Therefore, this video is destined to remain forever imprinted in the history not only of music but of world cinema as well. “I love helping and listening to others and I think that every single person has the potential to achieve great things.” Said Lord Conrad in another interview while talking about his personal life. “No matter what is your social, sexual, religious or any other status, we all going to make it, just all together just be yourself follow your passion and push it to the limit.” He added.

Prior to releasing this single, Lord Conrad has been modeling, dancing and doing public relations events at clubs throughout Milan, the world fashion capital for the past 10 years. He said that he chose music because it’s a good way to express oneself while encouraging others who listen to the music to embrace the positive messages he’s sending out. Lord Conrad’s new single, “Touch – The Sky,” is a tribute to his artistic philosophy. He said the song comes from his honesty and the admiration he has for people with high character and who put in hard work. He said the single is a never-done-before “sonorous experiment,” a mix between trance, dance and EDM electronic music that features heavy beats with melodic stabs of electronic piano while showcasing my vocal skills.

“I had this burning feeling inside of me to show my feelings and get messages out to the world,” said Lord Conrad. “I do have a lavish lifestyle, and my mixed personality is both sweet and eccentric. That’s why I chose the name Lord Conrad, because it sounds like a powerful name for a powerful charismatic personality.”

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