June 14, 2024

Tony is an upcoming Hip Hop artist from Manchester, England. The 19 year old rapper has just entered the scene but already has made radio appearances and created a buzz locally. Influenced by Kanye West, Kurt Cobain, Jaden Smith and Big Sean, Tony recently dropped the track “Trillster”, recorded alongside YngTee. Though Jaden is on the cusp of entering adulthood, Tony will put his career years ahead of many of his peers. Though the track contains a trendy beat by BlackSmith, it is not among the mass production of the same rap game that finds it difficult to establish their own identities. Also, this is not a street rap or hood rap, as Tony x YngTee put the iconic Brit twist into the soundscape.

This product, makes a clear statement that these are multi-talented guys with youthful intelligence and sensitivity, who are having a real good time doing what they’re doing. Tony’s voice is pleasantly fresh, unique, and extremely different from his teenage contemporaries, while YngTee throws his flamboyant flair into the mix too, with an in your face attitude.

Hence the two complement each other’s styles, as they push the construction of their individual identities, which is the logical and natural progression for every growing adult to make.

“Trillster” brings an intense lyrical assault with a handful of ad-libs sprinkled throughout, as we’ve come to expect from rap in 2018. The song’s eventual decrescendos paves the way for Tony x YngTee, to hit hard, catching the listener off guard with talk of the rock and pop culture of our time, smothered in trippy traits.

Along the way, Tony sprinkles in explicit rhyming that detail his slightly off-kilter viewpoint of the high life. While it all has potential to come off cheesy, Tony and YngTee lean into the risk, giving it weight and forcing the listener to take them at face value, personal philosophizing and all. And it works in captivating attention!

Both Tony and YngTee have the potential of creating amazing art, and this coming-of-age project proves it. While “Trillster” is not perfect, (do you know of any track that is?) it makes up for any potential imbalances with ambition, in earnestness and a sense of adventure. It swings wildly from whimsy to introspection, to rationally confident.

It’s the kind of hip-hop track you’d never expect from a growing teen based in Manchester. But it’s exactly that track. It’s Tony x YngTee’s acute awareness that they are one of the rare few who can be themselves and build the self they want to be, tempered by the knowledge of all the eyes on them that makes the track work more than anything.

“Trillster” is not self-conscious in any way, but rather challengingly defiant in its approach – A prerogative of the youth brigade! Those still sleeping on these lads’ mic skills should perhaps forget everything they thought they knew about UK hip-hop, and instead, focus on Tony and YngTee. You won’t be disappointed.


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