April 19, 2024

Foolish Ed born as Eduardo Manrique, was born in Venezuela but lives in the United States. He makes the music he would have wanted to hear when he was going through tough times. He got inspired by the sounds of Lo-Fi, and claims that he is not in the business for money, but wants people to know that they are not alone and everyone has a voice, all they need is to find it. Foolish Ed’s latest track “Roof Top” (feat. Alexander the Great) (prod. Hisohkah) is bursting with soul. Gliding seamlessly through old-school consciousness and a smooth acid jazz soundscape, the Venezuelan-born rapper proves himself as one of the most exciting new underground artists on the block.

Pulling us through laid-back and introspective narrative, trippy percussions and jazzy progressions, Foolish Ed leaves his listeners with a sense of refreshed bliss after a truly sensational experience. According to the writer, the track traces: “The story of a person who is trapped inside his head but after realizing that being himself is what matters, he finds the key to his happiness and independence.” Foolish Ed has produced a strong single here, often striking a fine balance between sadness and an almost psychedelic playfulness.

“Roof Top” is almost an exploration of self-awareness, as the project meanders through the ups and downs of profound subject matter and when Ed approaches it with a soft touch, his message and sound combine beautifully. At times the track is frighteningly relatable.

And while the soulful elements of the piano taps along, Foolish Ed’s ability to create a full story shines through. The sound has a certain groove tone which makes you just want to listen over and over again. The gentle vocals, also produces an intimacy that is undeniably dreamy and mesmerizing at the same time.

“Roof Top” (feat. Alexander the Great) (prod. Hisohkah) has an understated coolness to it, and Foolish Ed’s ability to create a running story of introspection and discovery is impressive. But the ability not only to build on the narrative but to restrain from using overly-complicated tricks make the track feel fresh yet soulful.

Throughout the record, Foolish Ed shows off a nonchalant lyrical dexterity, and his choice of the beat demonstrates an artist not willing to be forced into a certain genre or sound. The production value leaves nothing to be desired, it sounds as crisp, new and certain of itself as the song does.

Foolish Ed currently has an upcoming project in the works which is all produced by Alexander the Great who features on the song. Alexander the Great is an incredible talent from Chicago who has helped Foolish Ed find his flow and music. There’s obviously still so much more to hear from this pair.


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