July 13, 2024

‘ARRED XL’ is the stage name of Nigerian born musician Ogu Excel Chideraa. His eclectic style of R&B, Afrobeats and Reggae/Dancehall is influenced by his adoration of artists such as Chris Brown, Wizkid and the Weeknd.

When faced with a rather testing situation the self-taught Arred XL had to make a snap decision. Life behind a desk in a corporation versus life behind a piano on a stage? The math was easy for this environmental technology graduate and pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter has been his only goal ever since.

His decision is testament to his outlook on life, ‘there is always a way…the power of will and choices…whatever choice you make…it is all you have you have as you are the one that has have to live with the consequences’.

Having opened for artist Ruff Coin and performing at events including the Hero Beer sponsored concert at Pleasure Park Port Harcourt Lakeside, Arred XL feels ‘in his element’ when performing to an audience.

Currently Arred XL is preparing for his debut release of the single ‘No Joke’, a love song inspired by a phone call he overheard between two lovers about the state of their relationship. The release will involve a campus and radio tour throughout June and July with performances of ‘No Joke.’


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