April 19, 2024

FARGONEWORLD is an alternative hip hop musical family composed of a diverse collective of artist from Ohio, Mississippi, and Illinois. They all come from different social, economic, and musical backgrounds. The key to the FARGONEWORLD sound is the love for music and hip hop they share. It brings a unique feel to the rap game today which is greatly desired in a time when everyone is trying to imitate the next man instead of innovating or motivating artist to be uniquely themselves. Typically rap music and hip-hop culture is singled out as being abrasive, misogynistic and degrading. Being a keen observant, I know that there is much more to the culture than the media and society try to portray.

Academics and lazy naysayers eager to take a swing at black culture, have constantly harped on hip-hop’s lack of respect for women. Hip-hop is an art form that carries multiple dimensions, though so many of these critics completely ignore the rappers who cut the posturing to appreciate the ladies, whether they be daughters, love interests, or mothers.

Hip-hop has been through multiple changes since its golden era, but it hasn’t stopped giving the ladies their shine. FARGONEWORLD has joined this list of attentive rappers with their latest release.

The single “My American Girl” comes from the album of the same name, which is dedicated to all women, who give life and inspire men to do more and be more than they can ever imagine. “Despite her characteristics or flaws,” says the FARGONEWORLD protagonists, “she shapes or breaks a man to be what he is meant to be, for better or worse.”

On “My American Girl” the narrator is in a situation that he realizes was partly created by his own design, and he wishes he could make amends: “Girl I’m hoping and wishing, or am I just reminiscing about the time we were spending and all the love I was getting. But I was too busy tripping, I should have paid more attention because we had something special. We could have lasted forever, but now forever is over. I’m peeking over my shoulder. Hoping he don’t take my place. Wish I could do it all over.”

At the same time though there is also a strong basis to believe that the girl is ambitious: “She says she want to be famous. She wants a man with a status. That big rock on her finger. I’ll give it all if I had it.” Hence there is a moment of doubt: “Is this the girl of my dreams, or is it not what it seems. I heard she’s moving to Cali. I heard she’s leaving without me. My American girl, I hope she don’t forget about me.”

The entire song is a feel-good ode to the power women are able to hold over men, and FARGONEWORLD sound just as excited to be rapping about the girl as the lady probably is hearing the song.

Ostensibly a song about trust and devotion, “My American Girl” is a step forward in men’s attitudes towards and respect for women. It’s easy to suggest FARGONEWORLD’s character is a good guy for not dogging his girl, but it is more than that; the rapper encourages communication and honesty, and reconciliation rather than paying attention to simply hating and criticizing in a situation of loss.

It’s the value placed on trust and redemption that makes “My American Girl” more than your typical song of blind devotion, but one of respect as well. The female is still positively prevalent in FARGONEWORLD’s thoughts regardless of a trying moment that would have most dissing.

Beyond the captivating story-line, the warm piano and percussion driven beat, matched with a peerless and breathless flow, “My American Girl” smoothly slides by in just under 3 and a half minutes, before you’ll need to hit replay…again!


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