June 20, 2024

PayJayJay is Canadian artist who has a different vision on Rap & Hip-Hop – poetic with a positive message that comes straight from of his soul. The rapper imbues his latest EP – “Made in Savage World” with noticeable vocal eccentricities, lyrical presence, and effectiveness – even in the realm of breathy, brooding raps – that suggest conscience, lucidity, and active, introspective thought. Flows that find balance within minimalist beats and evoke a higher power through polychromatic synth chords and the interplay of articulate percussive statements.

All exuding a potential without the weight of limits. The promise of “Made in Savage World” is that it’s a recording with only seven songs. With such brevity, PayJayJay has the focus necessary to channel any sentimental sparks into a controlled emotional fire.

“Letter To Mom and Pops”. A song that is engrossing, exploding, a slow sonic eruption that examines the psychological and emotional burdens and benefits, in a child and parental interrelation. It is a deep thought-provoking account which conjures up powerful imagery in the mind of the listener.

It is a track that is easily relatable. This marks a return to eloquence for the genre. “Puppet” comes out banging harder. With quick verses, PayJayJay sounds even more focused. The way he flows and the ease of his delivery makes the music more interesting. The hook is good, and the production is gold.

This is just the type of music we need to break away from the current dominating trap sound. “Diamond” will make you do a backflip, with its dark alternative beat and edgy vocal delivery. This is the kind of innovative thinking we should demand from modern rap artists.

Nothing out right now sounds quite like this as PayJayJay states: “I’m not rude, I’m just way to sensible to be emotional.” “Fake Life” feels so good, so pure, and so warm. I’m hearing a self-motivational anthem as we search for truth and realness in this world. This song is like preparing a psychological shield against the bullshit we face daily. This is the track you put on loop and overcome your demons and obstacles.

I love the drums on “My Vibe” which has a production that comes from another dimension. It’s a little stranger than the other tracks, the kind of strange that fits perfectly into this alternative mélange. PayJayJay operates in a sonic space that is refreshingly original.

It’s a recording with a new purpose; innovative ideas and pristine execution. Lyrically, musically, and sonically, “Peace & Love” brings an uplifting groove infused into a distinct reggae rhythm. The beauty shines through from the first second to the closing note.

What this EP accomplishes is transporting listeners into a dimension of sound that truly feels unlike anything currently being created in Hip-hop and Rap. There is also a visceral sincerity to PayJayJay rhymes that are immediately satisfying. He is immensely impressive both as a songwriter and performer of our time.


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