June 15, 2024

Releasing music under the J Tizzle Muzic label, Tueazee is music group based in Augusta, GA, who have been making music for about a year now. They just recently unveiled a new, exciting single titled “I Know”. The track is a front-loaded onslaught about stacking money that segues into a surveillance of their grind before concluding with renewed resolve. The duo’s knack for packaging serrated witticisms into prismatic rhymes is their forte. They’re lyrical jawbreakers who love an elaborate tale, which brings together, nineties thematic focus with modern-day audio aesthetics. Tueazee mesh their distinctive voices to maximize pathos, which manages to add weight to the team’s blend of agro-melodic ethos.

When Tueazee aren’t reaching for universal truths, they’re excavating introspection. “I Know” finds them mining the chasm of outspokenness and self-empowerment. They’re drawing on cross-generational themes, seeking answers that provide resolutions to daily existence and where possible betterment.

So what Tueazee epitomize is the desire for reaction against the bullshit world. Sonically, though, they run the gamut in genuinely disarming fashion; one floating smooth, coming off as focused observation, the other in menacing premonition mode. The result is explosive.

This is what makes Tueazee tick; the fact that there’s room for clear, sober vision alongside their determined statements. They can turn the delivery all the way up to incendiary when they want to – where their rhymes are blisteringly aggressive in every respect – or they can just switch to overdrive and run with the beat.

Maybe it’s that dichotomy that makes the Augusta pair one of the more exciting prospects underground hip hop currently has, even in an age where Kendrick has revolutionized the game and Chance the Rapper has been leading a vanguard of new talent.

What none of those can offer, though, is the increasingly unshakeable feeling that theses dudes are predestinated to write a very long story, moving ahead. Hardly anybody fresh out of the blocks can make a record this vital sound quite so effortless.

Furthermore, their sense of triumph never spills into self-satisfaction, which means they have a skillset ready to avoid complacency. The duo’s dynamic of two modern visionaries trading rhymes over clattering urban soundscapes finds its apotheosis “I Know”. This should bring a growing wave of excitement about Tueazee, and put them into the public eye.

Tueazee arrives at a moment in hip-hop history where it is important to cut through the noise. Against such a backdrop, “I Know” is ready to outshine everything else. On the sprawling 3-minute arrangement, the track’s flawless synchronicity will be an essential element in achieving that goal.


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