May 26, 2024

It might come to your surprise, but Colorado is full of talented rappers. Hondo Les is 22 year old Independent rap artist from Denver, Colorado, who recently dropped his single “Opp Hunt”. After the first few bars of this track, it will quickly come to your attention that his music and his swagger is going to take him far. He’s perfected the club banger. He understands the importance of a catchy hook, easy wordplay and a beat that works on blast. He’s definitely and artist you want to keep tabs on. Hip-hop is easily accessible, but not always for the right reasons. The genre is often victim of lack of variation, and that’s evident with trap and mumble rap dominating the airwaves.

Hondo Les’ voice has grit and dirt to it; tonality is what can define hip-hop artists from one another. You get a sense of Hondo’s rich voice early on in this track, as he works his way through the verses. When it comes to bars, the Denver-based rapper proves to be a lyrical heavyweight.

“Opp Hunt” is the perfect balance between swaggering bars and introspection, with a bass-driven beat that is purposeful, and perhaps most surprisingly, poignant. Lyrically, Hondo is a talented rapper and he supplies many strong verses which may remind us of the genre’s golden era.

In a climate where the copy and paste formula is prevalent in music, when it comes to what’s considered hot, Hondo Les sticks to his own lane. He sounds inspired while his flow is mesmerizing over a beat that sounds like it could be playing in any era of Hip-hop you care to choose.

Hondo seems poised to give the underground rap game a much-needed transfusion of energy and age-old soul. The song is both a head nodding floor-filler and a showcase for Hondo’s tumbling flow. While many newcomers are being exhaustively pulverized by the music industry food processor, Hondo sounds like a single-minded artist with a properly focused vision.

On “Opp Hunt”, Hondo Les willfully fights against the prescribed fade-away narratives affixed to many of one-hit rap wonders. A seemingly sound strategy, to be sure, along with his distinct voice which will never find him playing second fiddle to instrumentals.

The Hondo Les on “Opp Hunt” is focused and hungry, spinning a dense yarn that’s built from solid bars, as he exercises a delivery full of stinging raps over three minutes of dark climatic production. Most audiences will appreciate Hondo’s, storytelling approach to hip-hop. The single is available on all major music platforms on July 8, 2018 but is already available on Spotify, iTunes, and Tidal.


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