April 16, 2024

Multi-talented Venice, California-based artist, Ben Green, steps back up to the plate with his brand new single, “High Notes”, after receiving unlimited critical acclaim for his previous effort – “Change Up”. Ben’s brand has gained serious traction in a short span of time since making a splash with his debut single only a few months back. The young Hip-hop and R&B artist, may be a newcomer to the recording scene, but he has been freestyling before his teens, and started writing songs at the age of fourteen. Hence he has a great ear for what sounds good and what will make songs last.

The sounds incorporated on “High Notes” are intoxicating, the song just has a certain vibe to it that can completely changes how you’re feeling.  The tone throughout is warm and enveloping, perfectly encapsulating an exhilarating and stimulating sound, which may come in part due to the song’s topic of romanticism.

The voice is auto-tuned to just the right amount of effect in spots, which creates a catchy melody that leaves the song stuck in your head for days: “Has anybody told you, I just want to hold you…” sings Ben, making it clear what his intentions are as the narrative moves ahead. “Baby let me show you, put on a little show to, take you to the crib and hit that high note.”

This is one of those songs that creates a specific atmosphere that just sucks you in. Ben Green polishes his R&B melodies and Pop and Hip-hop temperament en route to a stand-alone crossover status with this sophomore track, “High Notes”.

Rather than sound like his contemporaries, Ben works toward separating himself from the crowd, adding an element of deeper thought to an otherwise largely catchy mid-tempo single. At the same time though, he tempers any penchant for complexity or vulgarity, opting instead for relatability, which reaches audiences more easily.

Music is another form of telling a story, which many current artists tend to stray away from. However, Ben accomplishes this from to start to finish. And there’s something to be said for artists who embrace their own road.

Ben has so far proved himself to be dedicated to challenging the industry, and the genre’s existing conditions to making a hit song. “High Notes” is contagious and needs back-to-back plays straight away, as Ben Green successfully confirms his ability to craft  a finite sound with plenty of commercial appeal.

Overall, hooks on the project are adrenalized and catchy. Instrumentals are powerful and meticulously crafted and Ben’s vocals tell us about the joys of desire. If we learn something from this project, it’s that good independent artists can create commercially appealing music on par with their major label heroes.


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