April 15, 2024

Truth Raines is a hip-hop artist out of Detroit, Michigan. At the age of 14 he realized he had the necessary talent, when asked to rhyme in front of a large congregation for the local church and its community. After impressing the audience, he know he would pursue a future in music. Slick Rick and Nas were an early influence on Truth, who also took a liking to the strong lyrical ability and vivid artistry of fellow Detroit rapper, Eminem. Since working his craft and putting in years of experience, Truth became C.E.O of his own multimedia label, Blackoutt Entertainment LLC., which went official in the summer of 2016. Today, Truth Raines has a huge catalog of songs recorded, and recently dropped his banging anthem alongside, Young C.i.t.y, entitled “Ten Freaky Girls”,  which is also supported by an excellent visual produced by Jayshotit, and available on YouTube.

Out of Detroit comes a hip-hop artist who has seen some things, has been there and done that, but after a long look in the mirror, Truth Raines has taken his game to another level. Far too often in hip-hop, the status quo becomes boring and stale. There are only so many songs that people can listen to with the same old tropes and rife with repetitive lyrics.

Now here comes Truth to take rap back to where it belongs with thoughtful and whimsical wordplay. This is a man who is focused and determined to turn the hip-hop game on its ear and to let the world know he is grateful for the blessings that have been bestowed upon him.

Though totally modern in its production and execution, the wordplay and the flow really bounces like an old-school mixtape running on endless replay as they react the 8mile movie scene. It just sounds like Truth Raines and Young C.i.t.y will never run out of bars to spit.

And even without the gorgeous musical backdrop, Truth and Young would be enthralling enough to make your head nod on their own, what with the pair’s nimble flows and inventive rhymes. They rise to the occasion time and again with stunning one-liners and repeatable quotables.  Cohesively, “Ten Freaky Girls” serves as a pivotal point in the connection between old school and emerging rap flavors.

What’s found in the track besides its story-line though is an excellent display of Detroit energy. This is a thumping beat hinged on a deep rumbling bassline, atmospheric keys and a mesmerizing, chanting chorus, reworked from the original that is really hard to ignore. At the same time Truth Raines doesn’t sacrifice message for energy either.

He adds lyrical power which comes in the form of vivid storytelling, which here is truly cinematic. “Ten Freaky Girls” goes hard, musically and lyrically, and showcases itself standing on both feet as a record. It’s a perfect communion of lyrics, beat and visual, and provides a welcome upswing in the overall mood of the industry.

Though Truth Raines has stated that in the future, he wants to continue to run his company and write for other artists. “Ten Freaky Girls” already sounds like Truth is set to embark on a potentially glorious chapter. From beginning to end, both the single and the music video, is just so captivating you can’t but help but go back and play it again.


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