July 21, 2024

HILA aka Steven Seaton is an up and coming Pop and R&B singer who was born in Manhattan, New York on August 12, 1990. Raised by a single mother with four kids, his childhood wasn’t pleasant at all, but somehow he maintained his loving yet rebellious spirit, which is still the driving force in pursuing a dream that he has had since he was 16 years old. HILA began singing in church at the age of 16. He then went to college to study vocal performance for year at Darton College in Albany, Georgia. However, during that time he was homeless, making it difficult to focus on his studies. He eventually ended up with an experience in United States Navy and then marriage, both of which were not adapted to his lifestyle, nor quenched his desire to succeed at music.  Ultimately the disappointment of his marriage is what drove HILA to finally to make his move. He has taken the experiences of that event and is turning it into music for his upcoming album, set for an October release.

In the meantime HILA, who currently resides in San Antonio, has dropped two attention-grabbing singles – “Give Me the Same” and “I’m Freedom”, mixed and mastered by Eric Foshee and Drexel Hollaway at The Music Box Studio in Kyle, Texas.

The thing that really sets HILA apart from his peers is the humility involved in his music. While there are plenty of flashy moments vocally in his work, there’s a certain subtlety and depth you don’t often hear in much of modern Pop and R&B music.

It’s extremely refreshing. And despite his talents, HILA presents himself as much more vulnerable and relatable than most of his contemporaries. HILA and his team understand the elements of music – vocal interpretation, effects, melody, harmony, instrumentation, telling a story, and all the rest that makes his songs so attractive to the ear.

HILA’s voice is also notably distinct, where most modern male singers have a highly nasal, squeaky vocal tone, making their music relatively one-dimensional. Pair this with the fact that his music is lusciously arranged in layers of trendy electronic elements and warm resonating keys.

Especially on the upbeat “I’m Freedom”, which flaunts waves of syncopated synths, laying down a perfect backdrop for the powerful and soulful vocals. With artistic discipline, he molds the rhythm into a sweet melody.  HILA combines his vocal work with a thumping beat and incredibly catchy bass lines that further compliment the modern tinge this track gives to a classic sound.

Despite the electronic elements and crystal-clear production, everything still sounds very organic due to HILA remaining the main focus of his music. This is incredibly evident on the mid-tempo “Give Me the Same”, which is largely driven by the gorgeous chord progressions, a thick beat, and a beautiful vocal track.

Rarely are debut tracks ever this consistent and confident, and HILA’s highly passionate lyrical and musical deliveries manage to be incredibly captivating throughout. The melody of the song is awesome. The climax is killer as HILA takes it there like only a talented vocalist could do. As this song comes to a conclusion, you really begin to realize just how promising this relative newcomer’s career is.


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