May 28, 2024

When I read the following description: “A marriage of dubstep, electronica, hip hopera and R&B” – my ‘fear factor’ reached Adrenalin levels at the thought of the type of thundering noisy mishmash my ears would have had to succumb to. The idea of growling synths, and screaming auto-tuned vocals, over loudly banging 808’s did not sound all that too inviting for my late evening listen. Boy was I wrong!  “Why Can’t You” written and performed by Celiane the Voice, and put together by Producer Bill Williams, who also handles keyboards and drum programming, is a well thought-out and highly captivating piece of original crossover urban music. The likes of which you’ll hardly find elsewhere.

Yes the synths do growl, but not more than the music grooves. Yes the song does soar, but only as much as it soothes. And yes the drums do bang, but just enough to keep the kinetic momentum of the hypnotic rhythm moving. “Why Can’t You” is otherworldly.

It’s daring and powerful in its intentions, and creative and purposeful in its execution. Celiane the Voice is a one of a kind performer and songwriter. The Bay area creative gets her musical highs from staying as far away from the one dimensional genre box as she can.

She delivers her music with a vocal prowess that both honors and advances the cause of truly artists.  Celiane has a powerful, rich voice wrapped up in velvet, which she uses with expressive fortitude. More importantly, she obviously doesn’t see her inspirations merely as artists to mimic; she has learned from the past and applied it to the present.

Celiane the Voice is breaking the corporate lock-down of the industry. From the moment you hit play on this single it’s just nonstop enjoyment – done her way. She is proof that everybody doesn’t have to be the same type of artist to be potentially successful. Even if that means swimming upstream to move her career to the next level.

It’s a choice not meant for the faint of heart, but she clearly prefers to do things her way. Celiane the Voice sings with a rich soulfulness, while writing from a place of deep authenticity. It really works, showing off her range within an expansive song style that allows her vocal capability to build with nuance within the varied musical spaces.

Celiane the Voice’s compelling vocal arrangement and intimate lyrics draws the listener into her song, while the balance of the stronger and harder hitting musical parts, as well as the softer more delicate sections, keep audiences locked in. Bill Williams keeps the percussion rolling, as he infuses waves of strings which mesh with the twisted synths and warmer keys.

The result is a song that delivers a completely unique listening experience worthy of pressing repeat and just letting it ride, again, and again. “Why Can’t You” strikes with such conviction that it places the listener right in the center of Celiane the Voice’s narrative. This new track is quite refreshing in a time where substance is painfully lacking in today’s music.


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