June 13, 2024

Pold is a 24 year old, Poland based electronic music producer whose sound oscillates between jazzy and soulful vibes with (sometimes very strong) electronic touches. If you wanted to try and put him in one or even three genres that would be impossible. He never stops to evolve and as he says: “This is my way of making music – keep on experimenting and trying new things”. Everything started while he was still in high school and trying to make hip hop songs. Writing lyrics and rapping wasn’t enough for him and he quickly started to learn how to make simple hip hop beats.

This was the best decision he ever did. With DAW (software for composing and mixing music) he discovered that there are endless possibilities. With this program you can bring to life anything you hear in your head. He started to experiment a lot with sound, making all types of music such as; dubstep, movie soundtrack, ambient and more… Unfortunately not much from that was released.

Pold didn’t feel that it was good enough and was still crafting his own unique style while also learning more and more about the technical side of music production, such as mixing & mastering. Over time he started to get interested in Jazz and Soul music.

This was the moment when his productions became more advanced and finally he felt that he was on the right path. He released his first EP called “Organized Mess” via Ninetofive Records which turned out pretty well, getting almost 400,000 streams on Spotify and also giving him nice exposure on Soundcloud.

Next he started to release singles & collab’s through more Labels & Collectives such as; Night Owl Collective, ZenSupremacy, PIL Society, GoldProspector and more. He also released a few tracks on his own, including a small 2 track EP, which he called “pre EP”. It was the time when the idea for a new project was born.

It took him half a year to make it happen. “Growing Up” – because that’s how he called the new EP, is now ready and hopefully it will make his dream a little bit more real. Pold doesn’t want to slow down and new ideas keep coming to his mind. You should hear more about him in the near future.

Pold is on radio rotation with the tracks: ‘What Do You Mean’ ft. Celeste Collins and ‘Money’ ft. Celeste Collins.


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