April 19, 2024

The smoke is in the air, the samples are wild, and the bass is bumping. This right here is what the true -fans, and the beat connoisseurs, want to hear over and over again. The opening bars remind you of stuff by J Dilla and Madlib, among a handful of others. Those of you who are tired of what corporate entities pass off as hip hop, will love the sound of “Fat Lady Sings” which takes us back to the days when hip-hop was heard on vinyl. Of course this type of beat groove calls for a skillful rapper who can bring both the bars and the charisma.  That rapper just happens to be underground grinder, Joey Christ.

Joey is unapologetic in his nature and it fits perfectly with the action-packed instrumental as his gritty sandpaper voice complements the beat to a tee. He provides a raw, untamed and mostly joyful journey for the listener, as we see Joey go bar for bar with the beat, both seemingly trying to one-up each other.

It’s here that Joey Christ reminds us that he can go bar for bar with any rapper in the game today. “Fat Lady Sings” really highlights Joey’s ear for production and ability to configure his hard-hitting style with the beat’s old school style, creating the perfect storm.

He goes is in his element with a focused rap style while playing jump rope with the rhymes that separate storytelling and thinking out loud. Considering that the spirit of this song is natural and free, Joey’s latest is an honest approach to rap without gimmicks or flashy lyrics. There’s an urgency, a spellbinding confidence that gives the song a piercing grit.

It’s a telling moment, on what is a mature recording, one that shows off Joey Christ’s penchant for densely written verses, his impressive rapping technique, his knack for being candid, and his astute ear for both sample-based and synthesized beats.

Those abilities combine here to form a strong addition to the artist’s craft. The cadence of Joey’s voice, the sharp focus in his lyrics, and even the way his words are articulated feel as if they are perfectly mirroring his thoughts. Joey brings clever lyrics and aggressive flows to a rap genre that often lacks both with the recent popularity of mumble rap.

Joey Christ’s music here eschews the extravagant glamour that defines modern hedonistic rap, settling instead for a more unvarnished and personal perspective. This is a high-quality release which will add shine to The Dojo’s roster.

“Fat Lady Sings” is a clear standout for the season and quite possibly, the year. It leaves one clear impression: Joey Christ is a restless artist who continues to find meaning in his storytelling, the beats, and beyond, knowing that these details can prepare him for whatever comes next.


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