June 13, 2024

Urban artist Marcus Christ currently lives and works in Compton, California, and travels home to DC on occasion.  Born in Silver Springs, Maryland, Marcus is forging his own path in the music scene, influenced by the likes of Tupac and Michael Jackson. The former Political Science student established his conceptions early on in college and now carries his messages through to his videos and music. His past albums include ‘The Profit Mixtape’, ‘The Response’, ‘The Get Back’, ‘No Doubt’, ‘Return of the Beast’, and the upcoming ‘Prince of the Universe’. He also has a list of acclaimed singles, among them, “I Get High on the Most High”, “If I Die Tonight”, “Hate on Me”, “If I Knew”, and “Shorty Wanna Gangsta” from his upcoming double album. Furthermore Marcus Christ’s latest live show is scheduled for Feb 23rd in Downtown LA at The Lexington. Proof that the artist is active 360° when it comes to his craft.

Currently Marcus Christ has dropped a new single, entitled “Black Bag”. There’s a buoyant, lightweight vibrancy here, which helps to balance out a track that could otherwise be weighed down by the dark, booming bass beat. Throughout Marcus Christ delivers a vibe that’s versatile and raw, packed with vivid, complex storytelling.

Yet the record doesn’t become self-indulgent; the rapper never forgets his audience, peppering his uncompromising material with all-out relatability. A compelling characteristic of all the rapper’s work. After the first few bars, it’s clear that Marcus Christ is back with a bang in 2019, and better than ever on “Black Bag”. The track boasts a beat that is deep, well-structured and solid when it comes to appeal.

I also think you get this level of the rapper that is experimental, which means pretty daring vocals and instrumentals that stray him far away from the usual SoundCloud mumble rap scene. However, my favorite characteristic about this track is how Marcus lets loose rapping-wise. Throughout, he does a good job of keeping a steady flow as well as a mystifying atmosphere.

There is a distinct way of listening to any recording or project but especially one from Marcus Christ. It requires multiple listens to hear the nuanced ways he portrays his storytelling. If all you’re looking for is hype music or something you can dance to, this is not the track you want, because “Black Bag” is filled with elements that make you want to think, reflect, or just honestly be able to understand where Marcus is coming from.

Moreover Marcus is in his zone here, and his unique vocal skills made the song pop off right. It’s the in-sync delivery from Marcus that ultimately puts this jam right where it should be.

Over above the vibe, flow and production, delivering a great record also requires message and theme discipline – another trait in which, luckily, Marcus Christ excels. Hence Marcus is able to gives listeners something somewhat strong – filled with well-balanced energy and a realistic sense of sincerity and emotion. He raps with purpose on “Black Bag”.


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