June 21, 2024

“Get It In While You Can,” by Stephanie Harris and Patrick Peyton is a dance record that makes you sing, dance and laugh. It also reminds us to love, pray and forgive. With lyrics by Stephanie Harris and Music by Patrick Peyton, this tune is great for parties, birthdays, nightclubs and picnics. It has that Washington, D.C. rhythm and beat, to an R&B and soul sound.

When it comes to dance tracks, it seems like we’ve heard a thousand versions of the same clones. Some are so paint-by-the-numbers that it feels like a retread, with little to no adventure or creativity. The new dance single, “Get It In While You Can,” is not one of those tunes. It’s a lively, celebratory track full of soul and funk, with powerfully stirring vocal as well as some motivational party lyrics.

With dance music being released in increasingly high numbers daily, the genre seems to have lost some of the relevance it once bore. But tracks like “Get It In While You Can,” gives us some hope of redemption. The creativity of Stephanie Harris and Patrick Peyton, together with their musical crew will command your attention from start to finish, with soulful swagger and funky spice. Your ears and feet will be grateful for this groovy gift.

This is so much fun, I found myself dancing down the walking track, and smiling while listening to it on my iPod. People smiled back at me either thinking I was crazy, or I was having a great time. I’ll let them keep guessing…while you better “Get It In While You Can”!

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