June 16, 2024

Tyree Chesterion Robinson, better known as Hotboi Ty, has opened up for mainstream artist Young Dro & Lil Boosie and he has also worked with mega producer Karltin Bankz. After generating a buzz with hit songs such as “Down Bad” Hotboi was tragically shot 7 times in an altercation at a local Alabama Night Club in Late 2018. It was then that he’d come to the notice of Powerseat Founder Cornaztone and offered a position with the growing label. Hotboi signed the deal, and two days later was performing in Austin, TX at SXSW2019. Influenced early on by artists like Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, and Young Thug, Hotboi Ty – a son to Ivy Robinson, a single mother – states: “I was just out there trapping and that was like the soundtrack to my life. The music was relatable because it was reflecting what I was actually doing. I didn’t make my life fit my music. I found the music that fit my life.”

Hotboi Ty
Hotboi Ty

Currently Hotboi Ty has released his EP “Cold” in preparation for his debut Album ‘#H2K (Hard to Kill)’. But we got to preview the album and it is amazing.   One thing that it does well is to be very diverse. Hotboi is not afraid to use the infamous auto-tuned syncs and vocals on one track and then switch up his style on another track.

He meshes melodic vocals with urgent instrumentation and spaced-out beats to create something really fresh. Hotboi creates intense atmospheres that can make people want to jump around or groovy rhythms to them simply chill.

Overall, offering different sounds, the listener is able to truly appreciate what this recording offers. “Cold” shows off how talented Hotboi Ty is and how he is able to live up to any hype the media may throw his way.

His tracks shows rarely fail to drop jaws with their energy, opulence, and creativity. Even in a run up to summer crowded with more marquee hip-hop releases than any in recent memory, the EP stands out for its expansive production and clever vocal twists and adlibs.

The EP Cover
The EP Cover

The EP is a kaleidoscope of textures and techniques, making room for psychedelic basses, trap drums, hazy synths, haunted pianos, effects-filled vocal swells, and futuristic baubles while remaining surprisingly sonically coherent.  “Cold” is a fun summer trip par excellence.

From the ethereal ethnic flutes on the new age soundscape of “Krazy”, to the oriental styled keys on “Same”, and the banging drums on the Jamaican-tinged “Ziggy Juice”, Hotboi Ty brings a bag of diverse influences to the table. He also delivers plenty of charisma and his singsong, auto-tuned delivery is instantly likeable.

Musically the EP charges forward with a ruthless momentum that rarely comes across as hurried or frantic. The single, “Cold”, delivers a more urgent rap flow, showing off Hotboi Ty’s fast tongue and quick-witted wordplay, while “Ain’t Real” tends to be more melodic, without losing the urgency and snappy rhyming of the previous track.

Rarely does “Cold” feel lazy or uninspired, and Hotboi Ty’s ability to synthesize so many different voices and sounds into such a concise, cohesive, and appealing work is impressive indeed.

Upcoming album cover
Upcoming album cover


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