June 21, 2024

ReadJ is a talented recording artist who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. His sound is a strong combination of pop, R&B, cool electronic beats and everything in between! He is a very talented artist who loves to create music with a diverse and innovative range of influences. ReadJ is currently promoting the single “No Ties” from the album “Eternal Flame”.

Pap.Arazzi.Me is for GOD Alone

Pap.Arazzi.Me Ain’t no Hater

Pap.Arazzi.Me is an Eagle

Pap.Arazzi.Me can Dance out of any situation

Pap.Arazzi.Me Ain’t got no shame

Pap.Arazzi.Me Ain’t bulletproof, GOD is bulletproof

Pap.Arazzi.Me Fears GOD Alone

Addressing the foundation of turmoil in our Societyhttps://pap.arazzi.me/

Music Streams: https://ffm.to/j2xodz0

Contact: ReadJ@Pap.Arazzi.Me

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