April 19, 2024

The EP “Summer Solstice”, set to officially release on all major platforms, on July 15, contains mischievous lyrical domination, with its best moments lying in between the verses and the sleek, wafting hooks against subtly insinuated melodies. West Orange, NJ rapper, BiNo (pronounced bee-no) exhibits her breezy, tongue-in-cheek raps alongside stupefying catchy hooks. If anything, it left me wanting to hear much more of both, which radiate with an infectious palpability, setting her apart from her contemporaries. Her playfulness is addictive; you want to join in the fun, but at the same time, there’s an authority affirming that you’ll never really be on the same level. The 20 year old artist, who loves collaborating with other artists, engineers and producers, started making music a year ago at the University of New Haven in CT.

She also owns a streetwear clothing brand which is set to launch big in the Spring of 2020 (Instagram for clothing brand: @binocertified). Hip-hop’s embrace of women at the forefront of the culture has allowed a plethora of women to tell their stories and provide the masses with a different perspective of how the art can be perceived.

Now, with BiNo dropping a project mid-year to let her unique and eclectic voice be heard in clever rhyme schemes in conjunction with harmonious melodies, she could find herself inserted in the conversation for the rest of 2019.

There’s a lighthearted nature on first impression, listening to this EP, in part due to the grace with which the hooks are carried through the air, but this is owed to BiNo’s skill. There’s obviously a genius capacity involved in crafting these songs the way she does. There’s no bullshit and no pretentious snobbery.

Right from track one, “Summer Intro” ft. Ashanti’ Amora (p. Young Swisher Beats; e. Demetri), the songs are never overblown and the creativity is well executed. On tracks like “Famous” (p. J Roes Beats; e. Advantage Eiffle) and “You & Me” ft. Zion & Ajah (p. Illuid Haller; e. Demetri) we see BiNo delivering direct flows while also taking advantage of her unique voice to show glimpses of her eclectic creativity and heartfelt soulfulness.

The production also adds a certain bounce and intensity to these tracks. While keeping these tracks captivating and catchy, BiNo still shows she has major bars on “Nobody” ft. Micah David & Ajah (p. Syndrome; e. Demetri) and “Love Me Right” ft. Anna D’anae & Black Picasso (p. Dannyebtracks; e. Demetri), by throwing around focused and well-sharpened rhymes with ease, and riding the thumping beats perfectly.

On “Jealousy Freestyle” (p. Be Franky; e. Advantage Eiffle) she lays down a gritty and aggressive flow, showing another side of her toolkit. Officially the EP should stop there, but instead it offers 3 additional bonus tracks.

Frankly, BiNo can spit and she’s not afraid to show it. BiNo also shows her willingness to embrace and vibe with features. Something she continues doing on the added tracks: “Don’t Need You” ft. Ashanti’ Amora (e. Demetri) and “Lets Go Away” ft. Demetri (e. Demetri). Her adaptability is her greatest asset. BiNo is able to genuinely rap, I mean with real bars, great melodies, and metaphors, so she can ride with just about anybody.

She closes the show down with the soulful slow-burner “NJ Sorrows” (e. Advantage Eiffle), where she gets deep and introspective. While many artists are out there, desperately making music to grab at the dollar bills the wind tunnel of Hip-hop offers today, others like BiNo are seriously building their craft for the long run.


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