July 23, 2024

Acaprii is an artist with a love for poetry, who initially became a keen spoken word enthusiast, and now focuses on combining the melodies of R&B with the energy of hip-hop. She delivers emotionally-rich tracks that unravel her inner-thoughts and outspoken surveillance of human behavior, in a way that is both profound and honest. And her conscientiousness is matched by her hypnotic and sensitive flows. Her breathy sound works well with softly banging backdrops to provide rawness that will resonate with many. There is no doubt that she will steadily soar to the top, and that her own growth will continue to reflect in her work. Her latest track, “Gucci Frames” ft. Fashion Rousseau is raw, soulful, rhythmic and uplifting in all the right places and will surely be a summer gift for new wave fans.


This young lady is so dope and doing her thing. Her sound is authentic and incomparable to anything else right now. “Gucci Frames” ft. Fashion Rousseau is a cinematic sonic adventure of a special kind. One that comes from the most beautiful and bountiful listening experiences.

Acaprii’s skill at fusing Hip-Hop and R&B vibes, heightens the highs of the poetry in this track. Her magical voice casts the sweetest spells, when paired with the dashes of the dynamic chill beat which pushes the potency of this thoughtful project into a lovely dimension of its own. Making these subtle tonal shifts so impactful is a truly rare feat.

This track is so captivating for a myriad of reasons, but the overall sound and how intriguing the lyrics are is what lured me in. Working with the production and the feature, Acaprii makes what may ultimately be an important artistic statement with genre-bending, atmospheric production that openly challenges the music to evolve.

To live indefinitely outside the lines, on the edge where artists do not play it safe and categorical boxes no longer exist. This approach elevates her quirky, multi-tonal, wise, and sometimes sarcastic observations.

Concerned with elevating the genre to something that is completely her own, Acaprii delivers the kind of alchemical magic that can only be derived from the intersection of youthful self-determination, sincerity, and courage in her approach to the stylistic pillars of Hip-Hop and R&B.

Cover Artwork

Acaprii’s approach to song structure is one that accommodates creative production and the weight of her statements. Practically sounding out her thoughts, she gives tangible shape to emotion and establishes a clear respect for the craft of delivery.

On “Gucci Frames” ft. Fashion Rousseau, Acaprii explores the full range of her sultry voice over a laid-back textural hip-hop production. The track’s otherworldly and spacious instrumentation, though chilled and groovy, makes for powerful listening.

The overall presentation and solid songwriting – melodically and artistically – impresses wholeheartedly.  Giving listeners a much needed exploration to the style of music with its content-filled and mature introspective of the modern hybrid which is made up of Hip-Hop and R&B. “Gucci Frames” is a project of chilled out perfection, putting Acapriis skillset on the forefront, while displaying a sense of confidence and freedom in her craft and self.


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