June 19, 2024

Chance The Closer’s latest single release, “What’s The Vibe”, demonstrates the power of music and the endless possibilities of expression through sound. This new release is an interplay of chopped vocal samples with a groovy modern beat, unconstrained by neither genre nor decade. The soulful vocal interludes and synth segments cut into heavy bass and percussive techniques. Rather than relying on words to tell a story, the eclectic producer splices vocal lines to an abstraction. The vocals are beautifully crafted and morphed through mixing techniques to almost emulate the instrumentation. This complements the rest of the music so well that it illustrates the real story of Chance The Closer’s music making here.

Hovering around a warm and steady BPM, the beat rides an easy hip-hop kick drum, which even in the raw would still be hypnotic. As shown here, once again, Chance The Closer’s tracks are never stagnant, meaning not a single moment comes across as “boring”, “repetitive”, or “dull”.

Unlike most EDM producers in the industry, his synths, beats, and drops are not painfully formulaic. Instead, his warm and luscious style sound provides an easy and diverse listening experience. Moreover Chance The Closer makes actual songs and not just beats.  I think they are made to be perfect for live use, and not just a headphone trip at home.

With this hugely captivating track and one of the coolest sounds out there, “What’s The Vibe” is impossible to turn off. I think it should have come with a warning attached, as it is truly addictive.

Throughout his releases, Chance The Closer has shown his versatility as a producer – not only by transcending genres, but by easily switching the mood and the feel of his sounds up and down, with high-quality electronic music as the common denominator. His catalog of songs, which are pure emotion at the core, go far beyond the realm of technique, style, and creativity. He has blasted off into heights with no foreseeable come down.

Chance The Closer has a technical sophistication and an evolved stylistic twist that questions the idea of what an electronic beat is and should be. His knack for finding samples and sounds brings variation to the table, and then he injects them with a massive dose of personal flavor that lands the tracks anywhere between ultra-hype floor banger and groovy contemplative head-nodder, which is what this latest track is.

With gold-plated production and clever composition, Chance The Closer is able to brilliantly gesture toward a soulful musical past while making music that is completely contemporary.  He has extirpated and transcended all creative beat making barriers to embark his listeners on a thought-provoking, soul searching odyssey into uncharted audial spheres of the utmost pleasure.

Liquefied ambience cradles you to the track’s slow groove, while the serene melody induces goosebumps.  “What’s The Vibe” has more than enough awesome packed into one track, which provides for a perfect introduction to the production talents of Chance The Closer.

Watch out for “Slanging Hits: Party Prep” – the new album by Chance The Closer coming out on 1/17/2020.


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