April 10, 2024

It can be groovy, it can be emotional, it can be messed up, its an experience to a transcendental space of mind. It emerges from influences like ancient music of J.S. Bach to Frank Zappa to modern music styles of Daft Punk, or from classical music to Rock n roll to punk to Electronic Dance Music.

Music is a complex term to just understand from a very general point of view. Its definition might keep changing from person to person depending upon their inclination and experience socially or culturally. “Water Music” might be able to bring these together and one may be able to share similar listening experience because it is not a musical product but a reflection of a free mind of the composer who just want to say something via sonic elements.

Musical patterns, could be complex and hard to understand at times but that’s just the tension which will resolve at a point depending upon the mood of the performer. It can be lofi to hifi, the idea is to stay truthful and honest about their mixed emotion.

Dependency and limitation towards expression in music can cross boundaries to a large extent when one creates music in a very open space and elements are from all over the place, from infinity. It can be on hand just a pop song with peppy melodies and bass lines and suddenly can become a polyphonic or homophonic musical matter.

The improvisational nature of “Water Music” indulges the new audience, specially those who like to explore creativity and want to be entertained not by plastic musical products imposed on them but with the real joy, of say the real rock n roll era.

Real elements to water music are not the musical notes theory but actually its building blocks are forms of music genre from rock and pop to hip-hop to EDM to classical music to urban to the future to folk and the list goes on and on. Musicians will use music genres as real elements to actually translate their thoughts generating a medium to connect to their audiences.

The Bombay Masked e- Fiddler is a music producer, live-set artist and a violinist, who picked up the instrument at the age of 9. He pursued his early music education in Delhi School of music learning, in western classical method, so he was playing music written by JS Bach, Beethoven, Mozart etc. without having much familiarity with such styles, being raised in Delhi in a very no music background environment. Although, he had always been a rock n roll fan back then.

The Bombay Masked e- Fiddler’s love and passion for making music then further led him to the University of Adelaide, Elder Conservatorium where I studied music under the masters like Keith Crellin and Stephen Whittington and achieved a degree in Music integrated with classical music on Violin plus electronic music as his major subjects.

Apart from being a classical violinist, he has been a member of rock bands, electronic music ensembles, contemporary music ensembles and has pretty much collaborated with very diverse bands and groups of music genres like rock and pop, hip hop, Indian classical, metal, experimental to Avant-garde.


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