May 19, 2024

When it comes to describing Kansas City’s rap scene, “authentic” and “gritty” quickly come to mind. No matter which local artist you listen to, the message is and always has been clear: Kansas City isn’t a place to fuck with.

If you’re curious to hear how the Kansas rap scene has evolved, R3SS3 M3ANC3’s album “BEEN a MENACE” easily answers all questions. The album flexes diversity in flow, style, and delivery while proudly repping the rapper’s city.

R3SS3 M3ANC3 is as solid as ever, and proves that he can make anything he wants to do work, from hard-hitting commentary, to fun and energetic bangers. Two of the rapper’s greatest strengths can be found throughout this album – namely his hooks which are super catchy, and his ability to rhyme and flow like the best in a grittier way.

“My moniker is R3SS3 M3ANC3. The 3 reps where I’m from and what I stand on. Where I’m from people don’t make it out, especially on a higher level at all. My city see you doing anything great, they coming to get you off the dribble, taking you out the game. Str8 up luv turn to hate, hate turns to envy, envy turns to somebody tryna stretch you out. I’m from Kansas City Missouri AKA (KILLA CITY). My album is called ‘Been a Menace’, meaning I’ve been a problem all my life.” – R3SS3 M3ANC3



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