May 24, 2024

39 years old born in Sacramento, California, Quantum Thought has been rapping and writing poetry since age twelve. Like most urban youth he has had a troubled pass filled with gangs, drugs, and time in prison. Turning over a new leaf meant leaving behind the street and focusing all his energy into creating music.

Quantum Thought is currently promoting his single, “Acquainted” ft. Constantine. This is the type of body of work that should be performed at the end of a festive, molly-whopped electronic set. “Acquainted” is dedicated after-party music that primarily functions as a get together wind-down, blasting away inhibitions and putting you in the mood to get…acquainted!

It is smoothly exhilarating, and not just because Quantum Thought’s well-paced, shape-shifting delivery and bass-booming, hair-trigger beat by Legion Beats, propels it forward from start to finish. Bros around the world are going to be getting loose to this song.

Now well into 2020, Quantum Thought couldn’t be in a better position, to get all the critical praise he deserves off of “Acquainted” ft. Constantine and getting his sound opened up to a wider audience as a result. On this track, Quantum Thought capitalizes on his strong points, with a straight to the point banger.


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