July 19, 2024

Emotionz is a Rapper/Beatboxer hailing from Vancouver, Canada. He has performed over 1500 shows across 10 countries, blending Hip Hop with multiple genres of musical influences; rapping, beatboxing, singing and most of all spreading love on stage. His latest release is the 10 album, entitled “Gems”. Emotionz is capable of muscling more impressive imagery and vocal dexterity into a single three minute track than lesser artists manage in entire discographies, a one-of-a-kind wordsmith from whom each track is an invitation to fans to roll up their sleeves and sink their arms into a lyrical treasure trove, eager to find his most subtle work of wordplay or strongest extended simile. Hence you’d be surprised if I told you that this was only his second best quality.

A perennial overachiever, the rapper mixes old school flavoring with modern day textures to bring spellbinding groove to his music. A quality all but lacking in the current climate of auto-tuned sad-boy emo-rap.

Everything that people once loved about the genre is on this album: cool lyrical imagery, unique beats, incredible replay value, and the list goes on and on. Emotionz gives us something different to the usual fare of a genre that has long lost most of its coolness and pure booty shaking groove.

At the risk of being histrionic, I will say that Emotionz is musical genius in his field. This album sees his rhyme schemes at their most melodic and accessible, giving his confessionals and anecdotes an extra sharp edge. His book of rhymes flows over a set of the smoothest beats you’re likely to hear this year.

Emotionz’ flow is complex, his stories heartfelt and affecting, and his conversation feels legitimate. This is rapping and singing at boss level, with Emotionz using his talents for narrative effectiveness.

One of the most powerful things about hip-hop is its ability to present deeply personal thoughts and feelings. From the moment the album opens with the groovy “Vibe Tonight”, it showcases Emotionz unique penchant for wordplay, as well as a vocabulary which could make even the most seasoned writers jealous; it’s almost impossible not to relate to it in some way.

Yet the recording never falls into the trap of being melodramatic or taking itself too seriously. Thanks mainly to the beats which are so warmly uplifting. The keyboards shimmer and melt on “Complications”. The guitars jangle alongside the handclaps on “Request Line”. The drums bang hard on “Offline”, and the synths flutter on “Moments”.  And all the while Emotionz demonstrates that he is one of the most intelligent, creative, and talented active artists out there.

His lyrics are thoughtful, witty and smooth. “Are you a person making money, or does money make the person, and the wallet in your person, is it worth it,” sings Emotionz on “Enjoy Thangs”. But Emotionz does whatever he wants because he’s talented enough to do it incredibly well, and he’s crafty enough to make one listen through this feel like it’s only the first layer of his poetic charisma.

The best is still to come, with the fantastic throwback vibe on the title track “Gems”, the look into our present and future on “Pink Haze”, the romantic nostalgia on “The One That Got Away” and the soulful slow burn on “The Essence”.

Emotionz is ably assisted on these tracks by some incredible features, such as Dani and Lizzy, Kapok, Myka Nyne, Dafug and Narai. This album is a reminder that Emotionz is not only way ahead of the pack in the world of rap, but he is already in his own universe.

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