June 21, 2024

Tom A’s is a Dominican artist with a passion for Reggaeton, Trap, and EDM. His latest release is called “Fiesta”. The notes within it sound vigorous with the synths also sounding more expansive, and booming in order to give the track the hype it has to get everyone moving. So much can be said about this song, including Tom A’s vocals which move from seductive to anthemic, and finally into a chant on the chorus.

“Fiesta” hones in on its sound and directly fires straight ahead with power. It hits the emotional sweet spot and never let’s go. Tom A’s is already getting things heated for upcoming summer with the release of “Fiesta” which is packed with tricks and treats to make you dance your worries away while.

Laced with powerhouse vocals that swing you from one extreme to the other, Tom A’s gathers all of his talents into one stunning package that showcases his multifaceted approach to dance music.

Bridging the gap between pure electronic party groove and Latino rhythmic energy Tom A’s drives “Fiesta” a level of euphoria. Overall, this is a rewarding listen, regardless of your filter, and in some cases is almost transformative.

Tom A’s is first and foremost a very talented artist and musician with a natural ear for composition and beats, and when that is combined with a banging groove, it is no surprise that something powerful is the end result.

Featuring blaring chords, orchestral pad touches, as well as pumping rhythms destined to keep listener’s feet tapping, tinges of delicious high-toned leads and chord build up make for the perfect elements on “Fiesta”, as Tom A’s voice rides the peaks and valleys. The Dominican artist is clearly getting ready to light up dancefloors for the next couple of years to come.

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