July 13, 2024

Chakakishon Collins, known professionally as Saralyn More or Sara More is a rapper, singer, dancer, and writer from Elbert, West Virginia but currently resides in Toronto. Saralyn More is a rapper’s rapper, a lyrical craftswoman who spits over rich, soulful and cinematic production on her latest single “Pick Up A Pound”. Saralyn has already proven that she can hang with the boys and shame many of them with her mic skills. Just checkout her previous singles “Ain’t bout shit” and “Drop dem Bandz”, as well her 2018 debut album “thatgirlsaramore”.

Unlike some of her well-known predecessors and her contemporaries, Saralyn doesn’t just utilize sex appeal or obscenities to garner attention for herself. Her mic skills speak for her too.

Saralyn More is one of those rappers who should be discussed among terrific rappers right now, a lyricist who can bend flows with cutting bars and who has significant production to back her up. So why is she still on the fringes of a market that she should be dominating?

Not sure, because Saralyn stacks her bars deep, placed against textured production that is banging. She is in an elite category with other heavy-hitting lyricists from the underground. I’ve long held the belief that for a discerning audience truly great art can transcend any demarcation.

Now with “Pick Up A Pound”, Saralyn More looks completely set to place herself firmly in the center of attention. On this track she shows she’s easily the most compelling of her current contemporaries: a big personality with a lot of impressive grit, multiple flows, and a voice that commands your attention.

Hell, this is a track that feels like she can command the atmosphere. There is a brand of swagger in her delivery that feels so self-assured, filled with bravado and flair. And she hardly even needs to raise her voice. Whether its tone and emotion, cadence or flow, the lady is top of her class.

On “Pick Up A Pound”, Saralyn More embraces pure spitting and groovy confidence, which are great secret weapons in her arsenal. And when Saralyn flexes her wordplay against the throbbing production, it is striking. The writing is legitimately top tier, with emotional intricacy, and eloquent elucidations on her grind.

These personal themes carry tones that are a perfect fit for Saralyn’s narrating skills, and she does superb work with it. She can go toe-to-toe with anybody when it comes to the art of storytelling. Saralyn More gracefully navigates this lushly produced track punched up with a slow-burning rhythm, her every inflection conveying the energizing glee that helps her tackle the toughest verses.

Saralyn More sketches out her circumstances and aspirations, driving home her points with a fierce detailed delivery and laser-sharp focus. With conviction and passion, Saralyn shines throughout “Pick Up A Pound”, where her smooth flow and incredibly powerful raps showcases her unique style and left a lasting impression on me. This is without a doubt, the best piece of work she has ever done.



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