June 18, 2024

If you were a hip-hop head in the golden age, you would have grown up hearing legendary voices similar to Jacory Thomas aka Sinseer, a Georgia based artist who grew up in Swainsboro, Ga. His 4 track EP release, “Cognitive Dissonance” gives him clout as a solo artist who will known for his salacious wit, his furious delivery and his capacity for blending humor and incendiary social and political commentary. He released his first studio album “It’$ a celebration” under the alias C-note$, and also founded the record label King Circle Entertainment. An ambitious artist with a burning desire to take his career to the next level, Sinseer wants to create his own professional recording studio, a clothing line, and to start a few charities for troubled youth and convicts.

When it seems that there’s no space in hip-hop’s crowded, noisy soundscape for earnest, outspoken and conscious rappers, Sinseer strengthens his credibility as an artist through his unflinching honesty and sense for pathos. “Cognitive Dissonance” is full of scintillating peaks and devastating valleys, as Sinseer puts the truth in front us; naked, raw and fully exposed.

Kick back, and dig, as the opening track “Wicked Ways” ft. King Jacob comes in. “Lord forgive us for our evil ways” pleads Sinseer, as the track lists the malicious deeds we perpetrate on a daily basis.

We aren’t getting just the rappers flexing bars, rather we are also getting a message and Sinseer spitting knowledge. Throughout this entire EP, Sinseer goes through a myriad of topics that he wants to educate people on.

“Genocide” ft. Bell Souf is a perfect example of that, where it starts off “Hey what’s the plan when your homie put that pistol in your hand and tell you kill your brother.” Further on Sinseer lays it out even clearer: “There’s police killing black, blacks killing blacks, and some whites loving dat.” His raw from-the-gut rhymes will make your spine tingle.

Sinseer is an innovator, an artist, an emcee’s emcee, capable of painting breathtaking images in a few bars, whose lyrical talent is so immense, you would forgive him for any excesses. Sinseer renders real life to his canvas with uncompromising vision, intensified by his rugged, abrasive voice which dramatizes his subjects.

But Sinseer can also vibe with a feeling. On the soulful “Superpowers” ft. Ms. King, he is in full swing, knocking the exploitation system embedded in society.  Where most rappers take an album to say nothing, Sinseer makes a lean 2 minutes and forty six seconds, seem epic in the best way.

He closes the show down with mellifluous banger, “Shine On Me” ft. Proper Einstein. Both of them come into the track in very different ways over an incredibly soothing beat. We also need to give Sinseer credit for his beat selection on this EP as well.

Each beat fits the track perfectly with whatever mood he was trying to portray. Throughout “Cognitive Dissonance”, Sinseer spits knowledge to anybody who will listen. It’s truly an incredible recording from front-to-back.


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