April 16, 2024

MegManMusic – AKA Manny I Oquendo Producer / Composer / Singer / Songwriter – Hip Hop Electronica Ambient

From the streets of New York City to the many stages and festivals throughout Europe, this New Yorker has combined the many styles and scenes of New York City to create a new sound known as MegManMusic. Heavy Bass, Phat Beats, synths, electric guitars and the endless search for that original sound identify MegManMusic as an important entity in music today and tomorrow.

Artist’s History: MegMan Is a Producer, Composer and Singer/Songwriter. He began his music training at the age of 5 Studying Violin, African Percussion and Storytelling at the Bloomingdale House of Music NY, NY. He also studied and performed with the Boys Choir of Harlem and more recently has studied West African Drumming with Master Drummer Larye Addy.

As a founding member of Byzar who helped create the music genre Illbient, MegManMusic has had Music and Videos featured on M.T.V and the B.B.C’s Radio 1 and has composed and performed music compositions at the Whitney Biennial and the Brooklyn Museum, MegManMusic is teaching music in the New York City Public School system where he facilitates a highly enriching music production program to the youth of the South Bronx.

“Life is music: music is life”

MegManMusic is on radio rotation with the tracks “Soul and “Forever Yours”

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